Stream: James Supercave, ‘The Situation’

James Supercave

You’d be forgiven for wondering whether James Supercave disappeared into the maw of the COVID-19 pandemic, which marooned them while on tour in March 2020 and undercut the momentum they’d gained from their previous two EPs, “M.O.W.O.” and 2019’s “Alarm Will Sound.” Their only proof of life came in the dual “Only Way Out” sessions.

Last week, just past the seven-year anniversary of their lone album, “Better Strange,” the trio of Joaquin Pastor, Patrick Logothetti and Andrés Villalobos returned with a new single, “The Situation.”

Not quite as left-field as some of where their experimental psych-pop has taken listeners over the years, “The Situation” is a slyly neurotic dance track — fun-house-mirror disco that trips along toward a couple of truisms: that time is never a straight line and “everything is happening all at once.”

Alexandre Souêtre is responsible for the visuals that accompany “The Situation,” which are also featured in the conceptual photography platform Der Greif.

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