Stream: Finkel & LMNOP, ‘I’ll Go Rhythm’

Finkel (Photo by Erin Soorenko) and LMNOP

Finkel, the husband-and-wife indie-pop duo of Jane and Brian Spencer, has teamed up with L.A. producer-songwriter LMNOP for their first song of 2023. Imagining the future and trying to bottle that sound, it’s titled “I’ll Go Rhythm” (get it?).

It’s a track that explores the perils of AI — a rather timely commentary, too, given the recent developments in programs such as ChatGPT. It’s true, AI if harnessed responsibly, can help vastly improve human progress, but at what point does it harm us? It’s a question that in time, will undoubtedly make itself clear.

Finkel and LMNOP (Zachary Schwartz) co-produced “I’ll Go Rhythm.” Musically, the track strikes a delicate balance between robotic and sentient. With the Spencers trading off vocal duties and fast-paced percussive patterns that feel slightly reminiscent of the Prodigy, “I’ll Go Rhythm” in more ways than one tells a story of human evolution.

“I’ll Go Rhythm” comes on the heels of the duo’s 2022 full-length release, “Islanders,” which features the painfully true single, “Time,” a song that reminds us that all we have is now. The album arrived with a companion documentary film of the same title.

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