Stream: Edgar Everyone, ‘Who’s the Dreamer’

Edgar Everyone

Native Parisian Jules de Gasperis calls his solo project, Edgar Everyone, kind of appropos since he’s kind of been seemingly everywhere doing everything since he landed in L.A., drumming, producing and songwriting (partial itemization here).

“Who’s the Dreamer” is his fifth single and first of 2023 as Edgar Everyone; as a small group of work, his songs reveal a vast range of influences. His new release takes a disco route — a chest full of oxygen, a shot of adrenaline, a world full of possibilities. The song title is rhetorical, of course; as somebody once sang, don’t stop believin’.

||| Stream: “Who’s the Dreamer”

||| Live: Edgar Everyone plays the Paramount on Thursday, May 18, along with Little Galaxies, Piel and CARRÉ. Tickets.

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