Video: Grouplove, ‘Francine’


Grouplove return this summer with their sixth album (and first for Glassnote Records), “I Want It All Right Now.”

Their insistently euphoric pop hasn’t undergone any seismic changes since they broke out with the singles “Colours” and “Tongue Tied” 12 years ago, but their station has. Grouplove made their 2021 “This Is This” in Atlanta at bassist’s Dan Gleason’s studio, and a couple years back the husband-wife duo (and principal songwriters) Christian Zucconi and Hannah Hooper moved to Georgia with their young daughter. New drummer Ben Homola has joined them there, while guitarist Andrew Wessen splits his time between L.A. and Atlanta.

Their home for much of this summer and fall will be on the road, as, after a few Atlanta shows around the time of the new album’s July 7 release, they join up with P!NK as the opener on her North American tour (including Oct. 5 at SoFi Stadium).

After introducing the album in March with the twin singles “Hello” and “All,” they returned a week ago with “Francine,” a wistful but summery jam that speaks to the transitory nature of, well, everything. “Can you believe it / Life is so fleeting / Everyone is here now / Then everyone is leaving,” Zucconi sings in the chorus, answering Hooper’s verse.

The videos for the singles, directed by Isaac Deitz, form a narrative, starting with “All” and Hooper’s album art.

Grouplove describes the album as a voyage of self-discovery. “For me this whole journey started with wanting or asking for certain things from the world around me, then slowly turning inward and realizing I needed to pay more attention to what was going on internally,” Hooper says. “Our daughter has been our teacher and completely re-framed the way we see the world. From the get-go our band has been about bringing joy and a sense of safety and inclusion to people’s lives, and now we feel even more of a need to help everyone feel this very powerful love that we believe exists, and that links all of us together.”

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