Stream: Greatest Hits … This Week (Vol. 262)

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We’re back with Greatest Hits … This Week (Vol. 262), and quite a roller-coaster ride it is. Buzz Bands LA’s latest mix includes new tracks from Teenage Wrist, Ryan Ritual, Wallice, Heavenward, Knower, Dengue Fever, SWIMM, Blake Mills, Drab Majesty, Alaska Reid, Neil Frances, Night Talks, Frankie Bird, Supergloom, NoSo and more.

Dig in below, and find our past playlists on our Spotify profile.

TOMI, “If You Tried”
Ryan Ritual, “Where Did Love Go”
Kit Major, “Break Up Again”
Heavenward, “Be My Blues”
Teenage Wrist, “Still Love” (feat. Softcult)
Knower, “Crash the Car”
Gabriels, “Glory”
Dengue Fever, “Touch Me Not”
Blake Mills, “Skeleton Is Walking”
NoSo, “Kaitlin”
SWIMM, “Used to Saying Yes”
Frankie Bird, “Twenty Nothing”
Night Talks, “Roll On”
Neil Frances, “Head Straight” (feat. St. Panther)
Mirrorball, “Red Hot Dust”
Supergloom, “Silhouette”
Drab Majesty, “Vanity” (feat. Rachgel Goswell)
Osees, “Intercepted Message”
Polartropica & Edgar Everyone, “Ride or Die”
Wallice, “Disappear”
Derde Verde, “Timelapse”
Alaska Reid, “Palomino”