Video: Dolly Dagger, ‘Sick’

Dolly Dagger (Photo by Alex Lang)

Dolly Denko, formerly known as Doctrin, continues to create heavy, ’90s-style rock music accompanied by high-production music videos, now under the name Dolly Dagger.

“Sick,” the second single off of Dolly Dagger’s debut EP, “Nightmare,” out this week, features crooning vocal verses supported by a heavy-hitting chorus with Denko screaming, “I think I’m sick, maybe I’m twisted / I think I’m dead, maybe I wished it.”

Denko has directed and edited more than 10 music videos that tend to overflow with glaring metaphors that represent the tragedy of human susceptibility.

The video for “Sick” focuses on the derailment of a champion beauty queen who is seen crying blood. The act of crying blood is known to be symbolic for impending doom, divine judgment, followed by a spiritual awakening.

As Denko sings “Drown me in the summer rain / l’Il smile as I wave goodbye,” she is literally submerged into a body of water, the water symbolizing being overcome by emotion.

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