Stream: Laena Myers, ‘Give ’Em Hell’

Laena Myers (Photo by Luz Gallardo)

Laena Myers’ resumé reads like the gold standard for Los Angeles’ creative sprawl. She fronted the band FEELS, and before that Raw Geronimo, but has also played with the Like (to go way back), Dante Vs Zombies and And that doesn’t even count lending her violin and/or vocal talents to artists ranging from John Frusciante, Ty Segall and the Allah-Las to more left-field artists such as Swahili Blonde, Amanda Jo Williams and many more.

A solo project has seemed inevitable, though a long time coming. But here it is: Myers’ debut album, “LUV (Songs of Yesterday)” will be out Feb. 16.

“Give ’Em Hell,” which officially is out this Thursday, is the introductory track, a dreamy, heart-rending ballad, the seeds of which date to 10 years ago when the songwriter’s father, Devo drummer Alan Myers, passed away. Over gentle strums and lap steel, Myers’ vocals juggle pain and resolve.

“We were very close,” Myers tells God Is in the TV, where the video for the song premiered Friday. “One night before I got on stage he stopped me and said “Give ’em hell, kid,” and this phrase has become a mantra to me, to not hold back and give it my ALL. Many of these songs come from heavy times, but there is always the glimmer of a brighter tomorrow. Reach out when you need to, move through the gears and you’ll come out the other side.”

The album, recorded with and co-produced by Scott Cornish, boasts contributions from the likes of Nick Murray, Cole Berliner, Jeff Fribourg and Gabe Flores and is adorned with strings (naturally) and field recordings. It’ll be out via Swiss label Taxi Gauche Records.

||| Stream: The video for “Give ’Em Hell”

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