Video: Big Search, ‘Loose Ends’

Big Search (Photo by Leanna Kaiser)

It’s been (check notes) three years since Matt Popieluch last released a Big Search single, which clearly means the creator of contemplative, cosmic folk has had plenty to contemplate.

“Loose Ends,” which has the beautiful, hymn-like qualities of Big Search’s best music, came out last week, along with Popieluch’s self-directed video. The song, produced and mixed by Jason Quever, features backing vocals from Dark Tea (Gary Canino, who also appears in the video).

It’s also the first single from Big Search’s fourth album, “Animal Cheer,” coming next year. Big Search’s previous two full-lengths, 2019’s “Slow Fascination” and 2016’s “Life Dollars” (along with the 2020 instrumental EP “Channel Islands”) came out on Danger Mouse’s 30th Century Records.

||| Watch: The video for “Loose Ends”

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