Video: Maudlin Strangers, ‘I’m Not in the Right Mind’

Maudlin Strangers

A session with a liberty-spiked-haired photographer (Erin Micklow) has an unsettling effect on her subjects in the video for “I’m Not in the Right Mind,” the first single from alt-rock quartet Maudlin Strangers in a year and half.

The band has been on the back burner for several years while singer-songwriter and producer Jake Hays pursued other projects, including the solo album he released last year, “I Think I’ve Heard This Before …”

The video, co-directed by Olivia DeLaurentis and Hays, turns a warehouse gig into flashes of horror as Micklow performs her dark magic.

The quartet — Hays with Richie Gonzales, Drew Bruchs and Alexander Morgan (who co-wrote the new single) — have sonically picked up right where they left off before their hiatus. Watch for more in 2024.

||| Watch: The video for “I’m Not in the Right Mind”

||| Live: Maudlin Strangers play at Bar Lubitsch on Jan. 11. Info.

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