Premiere: Monogem, ‘Get You High’


“Get You High” is the latest intoxicant from Monogem, the vehicle for seductive sounds of singer-songwriter Jen Hirsh. And if this one doesn’t get you in the mood to spoon on a stormy afternoon, you’d better check your pulse. The new single was created in a collaboration with Sydney Wayser (of Clara-Nova) and Ryan Levine (of Wildling). The co-writers “helped create an atmosphere that I would like to live in forever,” Hirsh says. “It was a rainy day in L.A. … I remember having somewhat of a dulled, matte aura taking over my body and mood during the first few weeks of the year. I’ve had constant reminders recently that this life we lead is surreal and fleeting, it’s sometimes hard to see through it. ‘Get You High’ is my outlet to see through the haze, it’s a vibe filled with analog dreams and organic performance. It’s amazing how a new song can breathe life into a new creative path.

“This is what gets me high. A real, natural high.”

The song, the follow-up to 2017’s “100%” EP and its remix EP, is out Friday.

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