Stream: Wildcat! Wildcat!, ‘Please and Thank You’



Even with a recorded output of only three songs, Wildcat! Wildcat! dominated a lot of indie playlists in 2012, the L.A. trio’s nostalgia-drenched electro feeding everybody’s appetite for pop ’n’ soul as filtered through those seemingly heartless devices known as synths. The trio of Jesse Taylor, Michael Wilson and Jesse Carmichael has unveiled a new song, “Please and Thank You,” that slows down the pace and tones down the falsetto a bit, going for the sweep of mini-cinema and while contemplating how “we were only killing time.” Which is what their growing number of fans are doing while waiting for news of a 2013 release.

||| Stream: “Please and Thank You”

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||| Live: Wildcat! Wildcat! plays It’s a School Night at Bardot on Jan. 28 and the Constellation Room in Santa Ana on Feb. 12.