Stream: Deap Vally, ‘Bad for My Body’



There’s a lot of “bad” going on in the latest single from L.A. duo Deap Vally – singer-guitarist Lindsey Troy cops to doing things that are lousy for the body, head, future, image, and on and on, as Julie Edwards crashes away on the drums. “Bad for My Body” (released as a single this week) is the latest example of how the pair is making nice by playing naughty. They met in needlework class, after all, and each came from opposite ends of the music spectrum, Troy in a pop group and Edwards making experimental indie-rock. Their hair-flying take on garage-blues has already been embraced overseas, and this week they announced their U.S. debut, “Sistrionix,” would be released Oct. 8. (Four tracks in the links below also appear on the album.) “If our mothers only knew/ the trouble we get into,” Troy declares at one point. What, Mom doesn’t have interwebs?

||| Stream: “Bad for My Body”

||| Live: Deap Vally plays Aug. 13 at the Troubadour.

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