Video: Deap Vally, ‘Get Gone’

Deap Vally

“I wanna move to the motion of the ocean,” sings Deap Vally‘s Lindsey Troy on “Get Gone,” a song inspired by a late-night beach excursion. It’s a pretty picture: She and friends piled into a VW bus, snuck into a campground by holding down the exit spikes, and went swimming in their underwear. That’s not the craziest thing Troy ever experienced at the beach though. “Once had an old naked guy offer me grapes,” she says.

“Get Gone” was written during a recording session, which is not typical for Deap Vally, but the rock duo has been exploring new possibilities in their music-making, so they surrendered to the jam and were feeling the moment. In addition to opening up their writing process, guitarist Troy and drummer Julie Edwards have been inviting friends to play on their new material. “Lots of experimentation,” says Troy. “We’ve been collaborating with pals from Warpaint, the Flaming Lips, Eagles of Death Metal, the Kills, and our friends Soko, KT Tunstall, Peaches. We’ve been having sooo much fun and can’t wait for everyone to hear the stuff.”

After releasing two albums — “Sistrionix” & “Femejism” — the regular way, they’ve also decided not to hold off for a full-length, and will be putting out singles and little compendiums as the spirit moves them. “We hate sitting on stuff for too long,” explains Troy. “We’ve got all this new music and want to release it while it’s still new to us.”

While a lot of the new material was recorded at the Cave in Los Angeles, Deap Vally took a trip to Oklahoma City for the Flaming Lips collaboration, which Troy describes as “a dream-come-true,” as well as at to the Foo Fighters’ famous 606 studios, “which has the best drum sounds,” even recorded in the Kills’ Jamie Hince’s bedroom. This fun timeline has coincided with some growing pains for the band, which led them to a therapist’s office for couples counseling. Partnerships, romantic or musical, take some work. “It was … emotional. And expensive,” says Troy. “But helpful. I think she had treated a pop duo before, but we may have given her her rock duo stripes.”

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