Video: Feels, ‘Car’

Feels, at September's Music Tastes Good festival (Photo by Andie Mills)
Feels, at September's Music Tastes Good festival (Photo by Andie Mills)

It was early 2016 when L.A. quartet Feels released their Ty Segall-produced debut album, a record that belonged in any number of eras: first-wave punk, the riot grrrl movement of the ’90s and contemporary garage-rock. Not that that mattered; it felt vital, even dangerous, a tough-and-tender 30 minutes that turned explosive when the foursome played the songs live. Fans couldn’t wait for a follow-up.

Now it seems like forever ago, so much has happened — in the world and in the lives of Laena Geronimo, Shannon Lay, Amy Allen and Michael Perry Rudes. Today comes the news that Feels will release their second album, “Post Earth,” on Feb. 22 via Wichita Recordings. The album was produced by Tim Green (the ex-Nation of Ulysses guitarist whose production credits include Sleater-Kinney, Melvins and Six Organs of Admittance, among others), and, as it turns out, the band is calling it a call to arms.

“It wasn’t intentional to write a politically charged record,” Allen says. “But the way the world is functioning right now made it impossible to write about anything else. We all need to figure it out; we’re running out of time. The golden age is over.”

“My friends / come with me to candyland,” Geronimo sings, opening the album’s lead track “Car,” but amid the taut riffage and pummeling drums, all is not sweet: “I smile, DJT’s / war dogs on the street / the land of the free / one nation under fraud.”

Director Gina Clyne’s video for “Car” splices together candids and tour footage to keep you company while you take the track for a spin.

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||| Live: Feels play Dec. 11 at God Diggers for Wichita Recordings holiday party. They celebrate their album release with a show Feb. 19 at the Echo. Tickets.

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