Stream: Lo Moon, ‘For Me, It’s You’

Lo Moon
Lo Moon

Unlike the moments leading up to getting stung by a flu shot, the anticipation for Lo Moon’s latest single since releasing their self-titled debut album earlier this year stirred positive excitement. On social media last Tuesday, they teased a clip for their latest single, “For Me, It’s You,” stating just the song title and “Friday.” Then like a nurse jumping with the needle poke after saying “2,” the L.A. band released it after midnight Eastern time.

The new song is a triumphant return for the band to their source of passion for making music after two years of touring. In a statement released on Monday, frontman Matt Lowell shared, “… I was having trouble realizing how many people had really connected with the music. It used to feel exciting and for the first time I was wondering if it was worth it. I had to recognize I had more to prove to myself and not to mention everyone else… to get back to the art was the only way to feel at home. For Me, It’s You is an expression of that feeling.”

Beautifully layered with strings and piano (with other synth textures) before ripping its heart open with guitar, Lowell sings, “I’m just waitin’ for the moment when you tell me that it’s true / I’m just waitin’ on a moment for you / To tell me how you feel / Always, though, for me, it’s you / So give me something real / Always, though, for me, it’s you.” The song leaves room for quiet reflection and shows an openness to listening with an assured commitment, passion arising out from those two dynamics working together. “The pursuit of love, its crooked path, the belief in the journey and the sheer beauty and fulfillment of commitment. Sometimes that’s really all you need and I’m so proud to be on this path,” Lowell continues in his statement.

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