Stream: Sego, ‘Shame’

Sego (Photo by Marcello Ambriz)
Sego (Photo by Marcello Ambriz)

Sego does not suck. Unless you’re into stultifying conformity, selfie-obsessed pop stars or fake machismo rock ’n’ roll. In which case, the title of their ironically billed “highly unanticipated new album” “Sego Sucks” probably applies.

At their most restrained, the band, founded by Utah expatriates Spencer Petersen and Thomas Carroll and now including Alyssa Davey and Brandon McBride, are a very good indie-rock/art-punk group. With their internal governors off, Sego is like their new single “Shame” — Beck on an espresso bender with an extra shot of stream-of-consciousness. “What if I am the normal one? / What if everyone else is crazy?” Petersen deadpans in a song that recalls the speak-singing highlights of Sego’s 2015 album “Once Was Lost Now Just Hanging Around” (see “Obscene Dream” and “The Fringe”).

As Sego is wont to do (and as other artists like Talking Heads who straight-faced their verses did),  the band breaks down and unleashes a treacly, shout-along pop chorus after rooting around in a caustic groove. “Banging on my head but I’m already numb,” says Petersen. So, in a word, yes.

Director Matt Odom’s video for the song matches the song’s intensity, spasm for spasm.

“Sego Sucks” is out April 5.

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||| Live: Sego play Night 2 of the Love You Down III festival on Friday, Feb. 8 at the Echo/Echoplex. Tickets.

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