Sego, Jeffertitti’s Nile stand out at Love You Down III, leading up to a second helping of Warpaint and SWIMM

Jeffertitti's Nile at the Echo, Feb. 8, 2019. Photo by Zane Roessell
Jeffertitti's Nile at the Echo, Feb. 8, 2019. Photo by Zane Roessell

It felt as good the second time as it did the first: A second wave of fans descended on the Echo and Echoplex for Love You Down III on Friday night, many of them to shrieking, hollering and singing along as headliners Warpaint celebrated their 15th anniversary.

Festival co-hosts SWIMM, on their second night moving from the Echo to the Echoplex, turned in another rousing set, again working everyone (themselves included) into a lather by playing old songs and new, and again featuring a cameo from Lauren Ruth Ward.

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The show-stealers came early upstairs. Most notably, art-punk quartet Sego played their usual harbingers of the acerbic, emerging from the backlit stage dispensing furious riffs and rhythms to set up Spencer Petersen’s narrations, which turn from deadpan to shout-along in a heartbeat. With only 30 or so minutes to share their wares, Sego stuck to the more dance-punk-oriented songs in their catalog, from new single “Shame” to 2015’s “The Fringe.”

Earlier, Jeffertitti’s Nile — recently rebooted by mastermind Jeff Ramuno — blasted through a set of psychedelic rock, abetted for part of it by guitarist Andrew Martin (Moon Honey). Including the new single “Heaven,” Jeffertitti Nile’s first new song since 2014, it was at times mind-melting.

TT, the solo project of Warpaint’s Theresa Wayman, melted minds in a different way, finding the real ethereal with “I’ve Been Fine” from her 2018 album “LoveLaws.”

Australian ex-pat Andy Clockwise, aka Local Hero, turned in a typically in-your-face set at the Echo, while some true Echo Park local heroes, VS Colour, smashed genres and expectations at the Echoplex.

Photos by Zane Roessell