Video: Sego, ‘Heart Attack’

Sego (Photo by Tom Kenney)
Sego (Photo by Tom Kenney)

“You’re not writing about Sego again, are you? You gonna run your mouth about every single song they do?”

“Oh, shaddup. I didn’t write a word about the last one — ‘Neon Me Out.’ Came out a month ago and I’ve been convulsing with uncontrollable glee ever since. And maybe cackling a little.”


“It’s everything that’s wrong, said right. … ‘Took my life for granted till I saw myself in pixels / All alone and lost for words so take a thousand pictures.’ … And that chorus.”

“Sounds too clever for its own good. Like Beck.”

“I prefer smart over clever; there’s a difference.”

“So what compels you to prattle on about your favorite band from Utah this time — besides the fact you probably just want type to their album title (‘Sego Sucks’) again?”

“Well, they’ve got this video for a new song ‘Heart Attack’”

“Is it awesome?”

“Only in the same way their other videos are — the band alternately deadpanning and spazzing out …”

“So what’s the big deal?”

“Every angular spasm, every shard of the song, they speak to the pent-up whatever in me.”

“You ever think that you should join a boxing club, or just break things every once in a while?”

“Sego is much cheaper.”

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||| Live: Sego plays the Moroccan Lounge on May 31, supported by Hate Drugs and Lens Mozer. Tickets.

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