Video: Sofia Bolt, ‘Heart Is a Rock’

Sofia Bolt (Photo by Kate Kornberg)

On this year’s full-length “Waves,” L.A.-based Sofia Bolt — aka French singer-songwriter Amélie Rousseaux — sifted through the emotional detritus of a breakup and a move halfway around the world. The album’s ruminations, filtered through the awakening one gets by engaging new geography and culture, made for beautifully understated songs.

Bolt has now followed up with the release of a double-single, “Heart Is A Rock” and “Les Journees D’Automne.”

The former is a broadside aimed at a certain world leader and climate-change denier. “How can you look at yourself / and keep pointing your finger at the other? / You should be left alone / to suffer the consequences,” Bolt sings over a rustle of acoustic guitar, a stirring of electric and pleading soprano harmonies. Not lost on anybody is the metaphor in director Ryan Daniel Browne’s video, filmed in the desert, where it’s raining rocks.

“Les Journées d’Automne” (The Days of Autumn) was written by her uncle, Jerome Rousseaux, leader of the ’90s French band Les Objets. It’s dedicated to Amélie Rousseaux’s grandfather, who died last year, and is an homage to her family’s in the Argonne region of Eastern France.

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