Premiere: Cuesta Loeb, ‘Immerse Inverse’

Cuesta Loeb

As the daughter of the late jazz great Chuck Loeb and Spanish singer Carmen Cuesta, Christina Cuesta Loeb would seem an unlikely candidate to be a shoegaze goddess. But since late 2016, the L.A.-based New York native — working as Cuesta Loeb — has released an EP and a handful of singles that do right by the lineage of such artists as Slowdive, Cocteau Twins and Curve.

The single “Immerse Inverse,” which officially comes out Friday, is the latest. With its overdriven guitars pushing the atmospherics to 11, Loeb sings celestially about the fleeting moments when all seems right in the world.

At first blush, “Immerse Inverse” seems a clunky rhyme, but it plays the song’s theme — a resistance to feeling overwhelmed by the world’s seemingly daily onslaught of negativity. “It’s been hard to remain optimistic recently, but still every once in a while I feel a shift in perspective, in my reality, that feels open, carefree and childlike,” she says. “I experience a world with magic, endless possibilities and overwhelming gratitude for glimpses at a time. Living inside of that realm is incredibly hard in a world where so many things feel so wrong. This song lives in that place of everything good.”

Loeb credits frequent collaborator Blake Straus for the song’s rich dynamics. Straus, a multi-instrumentalist and producer, once played in Hunter Hunted, the band co-fronted by Loeb’s husband Michael Garner. “We ended up living a few doors away from each other in an apartment complex in Los Feliz, which made writing and recording at our home studios very fun,” she says.

The song is off the forthcoming EP, “Grass It Grows.”

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