Stream: Allie Crow Buckley, ‘Moonlit and Devious’

Allie Crow Buckley (Photo by Nastassia Brückin)

“Moonlit and Devious” is the title track to Allie Crow Buckley’s debut album, and it is best consumed with a glass of wine (a good red), in low light. After all, that was the setting in which the creative spark struck the L.A. singer-songwriter, she told American Songwriter. A haunted-house organ, bewitching vocals and some scratch-the-itch guitars later, you’ve got a soundtrack to some serious long-distance longing.

“This song is a love song,” Buckley says of the tune, written while her partner was away for a few months. “Though sonically it takes on a rather menacing feel, I think that illustrates the duality of a relationship well; there’s a sort of moonlit devoted side, and a mischievous and devious side, this push and pull of independence and devotion.”

The album, co-produced by Jason Boesel and Mike Viola and featuring guitarist Dylan Day and keyboardist Lee Pardini, is out March 12.

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