Stream: Ian Sweet, ‘Sing Till I Cry’

Ian Sweet (Photo by Lucy Sandler)

Jilian Medford has explained the metamorphosis of her forthcoming third album as Ian Sweet, “Show Me How You Disappear,” this way: It started during a mental health crisis punctuated by panic attacks and then rushed out of her creative floodgates after two months of therapy in early 2020.

“Sing Till I Cry,” the fifth single from the album, feel like the sound of making it to the other side — crushing guitars and crashing percussion as a form of scream therapy.

The song was made with Daniel Fox, one of five producers on the album. “‘Sing Till I Cry’ encapsulates the aftermath of trauma and how your innocence feels like it’s been taken away from you,” Medford explains. “You forget the simplest things, what it feels like to smile, how to see things clearly. This song prompts me to heal and rediscover that lightness of being. What gives you up? What makes you cry? What gives you love?”

The lyric video that she made with Will Duncan collages images from past and present.

“Show Me How You Disappear” is out March 5 via Polyvinyl.

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