Video: Lord Huron, ‘Not Dead Yet’

Lord Huron (Photo by Anthony Wilson)

Almost three years since releasing their third album “Vide Noir,” Lord Huron continues to create cinematic folk-rock that bridges the gaps between eras, or (in their latest venture) dimensions.

The band launched its “Alive From Whispering Pines” streaming series in January (Episode 2 aired Thursday night and is still available on rebroadcast). It casts them as performers in the vintage Whispering Pines studio, hosted by a mysterious fellow named Mr. Tubbs Tarbell of WBUB.

Today, mastermind Ben Schneider and crew unveiled the video for the new song “Not Dead Yet,” also set in the Whispering Pines studio. It’s all rather “Twilight Zone” — the images of Lord Huron blip and blur, swapping places, ostensibly, with musicians from the past (the Phantom Riders) who have occupied that very space. Musically, it’s vintage Lord Huron, a Western shuffle from a band now embarking on their second decade of exploring “Strange Trails.”

The final two dates in the “Alive From Whispering Pines” series are March 18 and April 15. Info here. They will also play “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Feb. 23.

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