Watch: New videos from Emily Vu, Sunny War and Meg Myers

Emily Vu (Photo by Raymond Alva)

Catching up with fun, new visuals for songs by Emily Vu, Sunny War and Meg Myers

EMILY VU, “Lila”

First, 18-year-old Garden Grove singer-songwriter Emily Vu was “Lost &” and then she was “Found.” Now she’s back with her first single of 2021, “Lila,” a dreamy track “about the expectations and reality of being in L.A.,” she says, adding, “I specifically wrote about how love in L.A. basically seems impossible with all these distractions, but in general the song is meant to portray how distracting L.A. can be, and how anyone can get caught up in the lifestyle.” Ian Dooley directed the video.

SUNNY WAR, “Mama’s Milk”

Sunny War is not the first person to nick Bob Dylan’s video for “Subterranean Homesick Blues,” just the latest. That said, the Venice singer-songwriter-activist typically has a lot to say on her new single, the follow-up to “Lucid Lucy.” Her new album, “Simple Syrup,” is out March 26.

MEG MYERS, “The Underground”

The vividly animated video for Meg Myers’ “The Underground” is the work of Portland-based Mike Anderson. The song is from last year’s “Thank U 4 Taking Me to the Disco,” one of the twin EPs she released in November. “‘The Underground’ was inspired at a dark time in my life,” Myers says. “It considers the consequences of our free will. Our light and dark aspects fight for control of our decisions and lead us to positive or negative realities. It’s ultimate message is ‘it’s all a choice!’”