Stream: New releases from Gallant, Lili Haydn, Sunny War, Adult Books and more

From left: Gallant; Lili Haydn; Sunny War; Adult Books

Welcome to our release roundup for things that came out the week ending in March 26 …

GALLANT, “Neptune”

Highlighted by by the singles “Relapse” and “Comeback” — and, of course, the twinkling Brandy feature “Dynamite” — Gallant leaves his major label behind for his first independent release. VanJess and Arin Ray guest as well. Play with whatever else gave you the feels in the ’90s.

LILI HAYDN, “More Love”

In 2019, Lili Haydn’s band Opium Moon won a Grammy for Best New Age album, and recent years have found the singer-songwriter, composer and violinist scoring film and TV projects. Anchored by the inspirational title track, this eight-song collection (three of which were written for film) lacks the ambitious dynamics of 2014’s “Lililand,” Haydn’s previous solo release. But oh that violin.

SUNNY WAR, “Simple Syrup”

A true-blue, unvarnished folk album with a big heart and a fully operational conscience, “Simple Syrup” pairs well with “American Silence,” the February release from Sunny War’s sometimes-collaborator Chris Pierce. (See War & Pierce.) Sunny War has now been a part of four full-lengths and three EPs since 2018, and whether holding forth on politics or the politics of love, she’s never been more engaging. Start with “Mama’s Milk.”

ADULT BOOKS, “Apologies”

Highlighted by opener “Innocence,” the European-dreaming “Florence” and the hypnotic title track, Adult Books’ first album in four years satiates the appetites of post-punk fans looking for something fresh yet familiar.

XIU XIU, “Oh No”

An album of duets … why not? Xiu Xiu’s “Oh No” is as all-over-the-universe as its roster of collaborators, and not for the faint of heart (or the “casual” listener). Sharon Van Etten’s “Sad Mezcalita” kicks things off; Liz Harris of Grouper joins in for “Bottle of Rum;” Liars have a highlight on “Rumpus Room;” and, yes, that’s Chelsea Wolfe helping Jamie Stewart turn the Cure’s “One Hundred Years” into dynamite. Have fun.

GIANT KILLER BATS, “Giant Killer Bats”

The debut EP from McCoy Kirgo (ex-Talk in Tongues) recalls the ’90s heyday of British stadium rock. If you spot somebody driving on the 134 miming playing guitar licks on his steering wheel, that’s me.