Stream: Warbly Jets, ‘TMI’

Warbly Jets

Starting with 2019’s EP “Propaganda” and then last year’s single “NASA,” L.A. duo Warbly Jets segued from gritty guitar rock to brash, ’90s rave-worthy techno-rock.

As they near the close of their August residency (Monday is the finale at the Echo), Warbly Jets — Samuel Shea and Julien O’neill — today announced the Nov. 12 arrival of their second album, “Monsterhouse.” The new singles “TMI” and “Low Resolution” are nothing if not flexes of their expanded production chops. “I’m swimming in this life of technology / I’m diving in and blacking out,” they sing on the former, clearly infatuated with the possibilities they’ve found in the studio.

No less bombastic that their 2017 debut album, it’s simply different. “With the first record, I think there was a bit of us trying to make something that would be well-received,” O’neill says. “Now we’re really focused on creating music that pushes us forward, and that we’re excited about.”

Says Shea: “The first album changed our lives. But parts of it feel too one-dimensional since there are no rules in pop music anymore. We’re witnessing a rebirth of what music can be. Music is getting way more flexible and people’s ears are wide open. It’s easy to be inspired by the infinite possibility. That’s what this album is about for us.”

“I think we walked into this album more from a producer role than ever before,” adds O’neill, citing the likes of Danger Mouse and Rick Rubin as inspirations. “There was an intention not to make music as a band playing songs, but to create a sonic landscape you could step into.”

As “TMI” shows, “Monsterhouse” could work as well as a name for sub-genre as it does for an album title.

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