Stream: Miya Folick, ‘Get Out of My House’

Miya Folick (Photo by Jonny Marlow)

Since Miya Folick’s “Bad Thing” ended up rocking our year-end radio show and faves-of-2022 playlist, we’ve been curious about what’s next.

Last week, the Santa Ana-bred spinner of confessionals announced that her sophomore album, “Roach,” will be out May 26 via Nettwerk. It’s incorporates some of the songs from last year’s “2007” EP and is the follow-up to her debut full-length, “Premonitions” (2018).

As opposed to the AOR-friendly sway of “Bad Thing,” Folick’s new single “Get Out of My House” offers edgier, more agitated pop. It’s “one of the first songs I wrote for my second album,” she says. “It’s about a person, but it’s also about a certain bad habit and a certain bad feeling. ‘Get them all out of the house,’ is what I’m saying. It is absolutely an exorcism.”

Her collaborators on the new record include Gabe Wax (War on Drugs, Fleet Foxes), Mike Malchicoff (King Princess, Bo Burnham) and Max Hershenow (MS MR). Wax produced the new single, which was co-written with Jason Suwito (Sir Sly).

Folick has also scored a new film to be released later this year, the dark comedy “Cora Bora,” directed by Hannah Utt and the first feature to star Meg Stalter (“Hacks”).

||| Stream: “Get Out of My House”

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