Stream: James Supercave, ‘Pills’

James Supercave

L.A. trio James Supercave returned Friday with their second single of this year (and since they released their EP “M.O.W.O.” in 2020).

“Pills” is a popping dance track “about the willingness to give oneself to someone in the face of past failures and a future unknown,” the band says. It’s a little bit “star-eyed,” as Joaquin Pastor and Andrés Villalobos sing, but also humnble and realistic: “I’ll give you all I have / I don’t have much but it’s true / Baby, it’s all for you.”

Pastor, Villalobos and Patrick Logothetti have more in store this summer as they roll out their second album. For now, “Pills” is available without a prescription.

||| Sgtream: “Pills”

||| Live: James Supercave plays tonight at Zebulon. The show is sold out.

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