Stream: Wait. Think. Fast., ‘Vamos Juntos’ (feat. Ceci Bastida)

Wait. Think. Fast. (Photo by Salvador Ochoa)

Wait. Think. Fast., the long-running project of married couple Matthew Beighley and Jacqueline Santillan, have released two albums of bewitching, bilingual music, the most recent being “Dale Tiempo” in 2017. They have a new full-length in the works for 2024, and this week brought a shiny bauble from it.

Bright and buoyant, “Vamos Juntos” (Let’s Go Together) features a duet with Ceci Bastida as the band, with Beighley, Santillan and Bastida are backed by bassist Mark Dzula, beatmaker Polo Quintero and drummer Argel Cota.

“‘Vamos Juntos’ is a love song to all music heads, the people who introduce you to new music, go to all the shows with you, sing with you and understand the deep devotion at the altar of music,” Santillan says of WTF’s first single in three years.

You almost don’t need a translation to love the single’s infectious spirit: Let’s just enjoy this moment.

||| Stream: “Vamos Juntos”

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