Video: Sego, ‘Life With Pam’

Sego (Photo by Marcello Ambriz)

[“Life With Pam” premiered last Sunday on the L.A. Buzz Bands Show on 88.5 FM, along with a short interview with Sego. Stream it here, starting at about the 12:15 mark.]

The new blast of angular attitude from L.A. art-punk Sego arrives today as a six-pack — and, as they say in the marketing biz, its parts are not to be sold separately.

“Life With Pam” is indeed composed of six songs, but it’s packaged as a solitary 17-minute medley. It’s styled after Sego’s live shows, which, frontman Spencer Petersen reminds, don’t follow “the typical concert format of song-clap-song-clap. … We wanted to take that same mentality to ‘Life With Pam.’ The songs contained within this 17-minute track intentionally sit on adjacent lines to each other thematically, sonically and in energy.”

Which is to say that the spigot for Petersen’s electrifying, stream-of-consciousness speak-singing is turned on full blast. In director Matt Odom’s video for the project, bandmates Thomas Carroll and Alyssa Davey take turns blaring the lyrics into the ears of a stone-faced Petersen.

For the record, “Life With Pam” features the songs “Digging Me,” “Model Citizen 101,” “Bluff,” “Normal Baby 99,” “Sane Speak” and “Wild Horses.”

As for Pam, Petersen says, “Pam is dope. Pam is my roommate. She’s a 1960s ex-Copacabana dancer who partied with the Beatles and is now sharing her house in North Hollywood with an unkempt indie-rock touring artist (me). And whether it’s returning home to regale the tales of our first time playing Bonnaroo or near-fatal accidents on I-70, Pam’s eager to hear the juicy details. I tell Pam that while this less-than-regular existence of touring in a band inevitably comes with moments of ‘what the heck am I doing with my life,’ I’m always intrigued with how often I encounter traditionally successful individuals telling me they’d ‘trade it all.’ She says, ‘Everyone is peeking over the fence.’ So what am I doing with my life? I’m freaking living with Pam.”

“Life With Pam” is out today on Bandcamp, priced like an EP.

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