Stream: Ian Sweet, ‘Die a Million Times’

Ian Sweet (Photo by Christina Bryson)

In her last single as Ian Sweet, “Fight,” singer-songwriter Gillian Medford showed that even dream-pop can be a little pugilistic. She returns today in a cotton-candy swirl of synths, percussion and sugary vocals with the single “Die a Million Times.” It’s one of those songs that might inspire dancing alone, twirling and twirling in hopes the spin cycle washes away the malaise … although, of course, when it’s over, you’re standing the same place, with the same troubles.

Or, maybe what Medford says:

“‘Die a Million Times’ is about being stuck in a negative thought loop that you know you could escape from if you really tried but you’re not willing to let go yet,” she explains. “A thought loop that is so painful and destructive to your brain, but yet you want to keep replaying certain memories over and over. I was living in a fantasy world about a relationship that didn’t end up working out and kept inviting in the thoughts and memories that I knew would continue to destroy me, but I wasn’t ready to move on from them yet in order to help myself.”

The song is one of three (plus a remix) on Ian Sweet’s new EP, “Star Stuff,” out today via Polyvinyl. The artist also announced a North American tour today, but alas, no L.A. date as of now.

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