Ears Wide Open: Faire Osciller

Faire Osciller (Photo by Brittany Jones)

“We’ll get through this / and everything else,” Tim Williams sings on “Get Through,” the debut single from his new project, Faire Osciller.

If there’s a note of dogged optimism there, it’s with good reason. The L.A. based singer-songwriter — now releasing music under his fifth imprimateur — has undergone four open-heart surgeries and one transcontinental move. Faire Osciller (to swing/sway/oscillate in French) finds him working with bassist New York-based AJ Tobey of Ultra Major, whom Williams met 15 years ago while touring behind one of his three solo albums. After moving to L.A. in 2009 after his first surgery, Williams went on to form Soft Swells, who released three albums and an EP, If Climbing (two singles in 2019) and Quiet Canyons (a self-titled album last year).

“For some reason, I can’t stop writing new songs and creating new projects,” Williams acknowledges.

Faire Osciller, whose Tom Beaujour-produced debut is slated for a 2023 release via Brooklyn’s Trash Casual Records, checks in not far from the Nada Surf / Teenage Fanclub-inspired power-pop of Williams’ back catalog — only “louder, faster and more concise than anything I have ever done,” he says.

That’s evident on Faire Osciller’s second single, the riffy “Tornado,” which came out Friday.

Jack Lawless, once a member of Soft Swells and now playing for Joe Jonas’ band DNCE, mans the drums on Faire Osciller’s recordings.

||| Stream: “Get Through” and “Tornado”

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