Video: Lo Moon, ‘Evidence’

Lo Moon (Photo by Michael Schmelling)

Fresh off ruling Zebulon during their October residency in Los Angeles — and ruling the world with Tears for Fears’ Curt Smith on the final night — Lo Moon has released their first single in a year.

“‘Evidence’ is a song about learning from your mistakes,” chief songwriter Matt Lowell says. “A song that explores the innocence of young love and the journey we’re all on to become better partners, better people and more emotionally available. Sometimes this takes time and looking back at who I was as an adolescent helped me realize who I’ve become as an adult. The arc of relationships can teach us a lot about who we are, even if it’s emotionally scarring to explore.”

The new track is typical of the four-piece’s spacious, atmospheric pop, as heard on their two albums, 2022’s “A Modern Life” and 2018’s self-titled debut. The track was produced by Mike Davis (Ratboys, Pool Kids, Great Grandpa).

||| Watch: The video for “Evidence”

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