Video: Molly Moore & Maty Noyes, ‘Handsomer’

Molly Moore (Photo by Ryan Jay)

Pop changeling Molly Moore has spent most of her five years in L.A. releasing singles and EPs, shaping her vocals (but not necessarily her overriding themes of empowerment) to whichever producer is at the controls.

But the New York native will release her debut full-length in November. “Voice on the Internet” will feature Moore’s standout 2019 single “I Love You But I Don’t Like You,” 2018’s “Be Here Now” and her April single “IRL” — along with today’s new breakup bop “Handsomer.”

The Rob Resnick-produced tune features Moore’s pal Maty Noyes, who co-wrote it along with Flavia. The single itself is 2 minutes 15 seconds, which left Moore, Noyes and director Dillon Petrillo plenty of time to have some fun with the video, which is bookended by a little retro ditty penned by Ian Michael Rowe just for the occasion, “Fun Boys.” At least Moore and Noyes rack up some style points here.

Moore has been all over the sonic map since she stepped out to release her debut single “Natural Disaster” five years ago and eventually segued to her duo project, Cosmos & Creature, with then-boyfriend Brandyn Burnette (now EMAN8). “Handsomer” makes her even harder to pigeonhole, even as the song proclaims “I’m more man than you’ll ever be,” but come Nov. 13 she’ll add another “Voice on the Internet.”

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