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Ears Wide Open: Slow Salvation


Long-distance collaborators Travis Trevisan and Christina Hernandez will release “Here We Lie,” their debut album as Slow Salvation, on Aug. 25. File under: dream-pop splendor (and mastered by Simon Scott of Slowdive).

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Ears Wide Open: Fast Money Music


Fast Money Music, the new project from Nick Hinman (of L.A.’s Palm Springsteen), have released their debut EP, “Strange Moments.” Finding himself in London when COVID-19 hit, Hinman settled there and started a new project.

Ears Wide Open: Charm School


Charm School is the new project from musical free spirit Andrew Sellers, aka Andrew Rinehart. The quartet introduced its debut EP, “Finite Jest” (out in July), with a blast of early post-punk, “Simulacra.”

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Stream: Frankie Rose, ‘Anything’


Sounding like the best of first-wave indie-pop, Frankie Rose is back with the new song “Anything,” the lead single from her first solo album in 5 1/2 years, “Love As Projection.” It’s out in March.

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