Stream: Sego, ‘Be Kind (Rewind)’


L.A.’s favorite scrappy, downtown-warehouse-dwelling agitants Sego continue to tease a new album.

“Be Kind (Rewind),” released today, is their third single of the year, following “Tandang” and “Surrender,” and its quirky quotient is high, even for Sego. Slashing riffs and dance-punk rhythms raise an unholy racket around Spencer Petersen’s stream-of-consciousness lyrics, which read like cinematic quick cuts. File under: DIY DFA.

“This song is about how good memories can sometimes be enemies,” says Petersen. “Seems counter-intuitive, but the golden glow can eclipse current enjoyment. Or something.”

The band is being coy about future release plans except to say that more singles will arrive at regular intervals.

“Surrender” was released in April, arriving with a surreal video by Soslow. It’s equally peripatetic, challenging the listener to keep up, and not surrender.

||| Stream: “Be Kind (Rewind)”

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