Stream: Deap Vally, ‘Baby I Call Hell (Deap Vally’s version)’

Deap Vally (Photo by James Dierx)

Pour one out for Deap Vally, the Best Band Ever Formed in a Needlework Class.

The duo of Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards announced this week they would be segueing into their non-rock ’n’ roll lives next year, though the transition will not come without a bang. Since debuting in 2011, Deap Vally released four albums (including their Deap Lips collaboration with the Flaming Lips) and handful of EPs and singles; played festivals such as Coachella and Desert Daze; and in general riffed, roared, pummeled and punned their way into the annals of femme-rock.

In the end, though, the record-tour-repeat regimen of being a band “isn’t compatible with our current lives,” Troy says. Adds Edwards: “We found we just can’t function as a traditional band anymore. It’s time for both of us to explore motherhood and other avenues of our lives properly, rather than squeezing them into our artist’s hustle.”

For their swan song, Deap Valley are re-releasing their own version of their 2013 debut album, “Sistrionix,” original issued by Interscope and now re-recorded with workhorse L.A. producer Josiah Mazzaschi. “Baby I Call Hell” (Deap Vally’s Version)” is the first taste of “Sistrionix 2.0,” which will be released in the spring. The duo has also announced a two-part farewell tour, with San Diego/O.C. dates in November and a Teragram Ballroom show in March.

“‘Sistrionix’ is just classic Deap Vally,” Troy says. “It’s so pure and raw. It really encapsulates an era — an era of dank, yeasty backstage rooms across the U.K., of the endorphin rush of that first wave of success, of youthful drunken, wild nights, of the worldly adventures and the newness of it all.”

“We’re just going to go to play as many places as we can and say farewell to everyone,” Edwards adds. “Though the band is playing live for the last time, the door is open to us to collaborate. Now we’re all about re-establishing a workflow and connection around our friendship, after all we’ve shared together along the way.”

||| Stream: “Baby I Call Hell” (Deap Vally’s Version)

||| Live: Deap Vally plays the Observatory on Nov. 11. Tickets. They also play the Teragram Ballroom with Death Valley Girls on March 9. Tickets. Both shows go on sale Friday.

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