2015: The Buzz Bands LA Index of L.A. artists we covered this year


Thanks for following Buzz Bands LA in 2015. Here is our annual index of L.A. artists we covered on the site this year — approximately 500 of them — with links to the coverage. (It is hopefully comprehensive, although we confess to there still being problems in our archives owing to the problems with had with the site crashing and being hacked last spring.)

See you in 2016.

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Act As If – ‘Steady’
Active Child – ‘Never Far Away’, Live at Immanuel Presbyterian
The Airborne Toxic Event – ‘Dope Machines’
Alge – ‘The Comedown,’ ‘Waiting On You’, ‘Palms of Our Hands’ (feat. DAJ), ‘The Spirit of St. Louis’
Alina Bea — ‘Everything Is Right’
All Walls – ‘New Vibration’
Alphanaut – ‘Electricity’
Alyeska – ‘Medicine River’
AM & Shawn Lee – ‘Persuasion,’ ‘You Are in My System’
The Ambient Light – ‘Golem’
Among Savages – ‘If You See Her’
Archis – ‘Blood’
Ariel Pink – ‘Dayzed Inn Daydreams’, Live at Santa Monica Pier
Armors – ‘Aubrey’, ‘Parasite’
ArtPeace – ‘Hi:)’
Astra Heights — ‘You Got the Heart’
Atlas Genius – ‘Stockholm’
Atomic Tom — ‘ERA’
Auditorium – ‘My Grandfather Could Make the World Dance’
Autolux — ‘Change My Head’
Aux Lingua – ‘Wake Up’
Avid Dancer – ‘I Feel It’, ‘Not Far to Go’, ‘All Your Words Are Gone’, ‘All Your Words Are Gone’
AWOLNATION – Live at the Hollywood Palladium


Babes – ‘I’ve Got a Reason to Keep on Living’, ‘You & Me’, ‘I Want Love’, ‘How Do You Make Love Stop’, ‘Life Come Into Me’
Ryder Bach – ‘Hands in the Air’
The Bad Years – ‘Beautiful Liar’ (full EP)
Badflower – ‘Heroin’
Ballerina Black – ‘Whails EP’
Banks – ‘Better’
Scott Bartenhagen – ‘Black Dane’ EP, ‘Beacons’
Battle Tapes – ‘Valkyrie’
Behon – ‘Head and Heart’
Holland Belle – ‘Lovely Ghost’
Genevieve Bellemare – ‘Shenanigans’
Paul Bergmann – ‘Wishing Song’
Best Coast – ‘In My Eyes’, Live at the Echo
The Beta Machine – ‘The End’
BETS – ‘Free Tonight’, ‘Don’t Give a F#ck’
Veronica Bianqui – ‘If Love’s A Gun’
Big Black Delta – ‘It’s OK’, ‘RCVR’ (feat. Debbie Gibson), Live at the Teragram Ballroom
Big Harp – ‘Golden Age’, ‘It’s a Shame’
The Big Gone – ‘Sunset Graveyard’
The Bird and the Bee – ‘Will You Dance?’, ‘Recreational Love’, Live at the Masonic Lodge
Bird Dog – ‘The Ocean and the Sea’
Bishop – ‘Wild Horses’
The Black and the White – ‘Torn Up’
The Black Ryder – ‘Let Me Be Your Light’
The Black Watch — “Highs & Lows” and an interview with
The Blank Tapes – ‘Way Too Stoned’
Amy Blaschke – ‘Come See About Loving Me’
Blondfire – ‘Pleasure’
Blonde Summer – ‘Paradise’
Boogie – ‘Bitter Raps’
Bones Muhroni – ‘Diddy Party’
Bonson Burner – ‘Traveling’
BØRNS – ‘The Emotion’, ’10,000 Emerald Pools’, Live at El Rey Theater
Boroughs – ‘Alive’
Bouqet – ‘Stacks and Stacks’
The Bots – ‘Blinded’
Boy Band – ‘2 U’
Breaking Heights – ‘High’
The Briggs – ‘Broken Bones’
Bright Missiles – ‘Bones’ EP
The Brinks — ‘Temporary Love’
Cary Brothers – ‘Lovin’ on You’
Rene Brown – ‘Millions’
Bür Gür – ‘Neighbors’
Brandyn Burnette — ‘Made of Dreams’
Busdriver – Live at the Echo


Carly and the Universe – ‘So Close’
Peter Case – ‘HWY 62’ (full album)
Castro – ‘Peppermint Days’
Cavanaugh – ‘Typecast’, ‘Screen Play’
Caught a Ghost – ‘Groundhog Day’ (feat. Robyn the Bank)
Cayucas – ‘Moony Eyed Walrus’, ‘Moony Eyed Walrus’
Cellars — ‘Nighttime Girl,’ ‘Lovesick’ (full album)
Chelan – ‘Before It All’
Children – ‘All to Myself’
Cillie Barnes – ‘Symmetry’, ‘Facework’
Clara-Nova – ‘An Island’
Charlie Clark and the Majestic 12 – ‘Sleepwalking’, ‘The Devil’
Jean Claude – ‘IPA’
Andy Clockwise – ‘Open Relationship’ (feat. Stella Mozgawa)
Coast Modern – ‘Hollow Life’
Cobalt Cranes – ‘Heavy Heart’
The Cold and Lovely – ‘Lost All Control’
Cold War Kids – ‘One Song at a Time’, ‘One Song at a Time’ (video), Live at Outpost Fest, Live at Sound in Focus
The Continental Drifters — An oral history
The Controversy – ‘Queen of Chinatown’
Corners – ‘The Spaceship’
Corsica Arts Club – ‘Don’t You Drift On By’
Correatown – ‘True North’, ‘Longshot’
Coromandelles – ‘New Ordain’, ‘The Project’
Cotillon – ‘Before’
Mike Coulter — ‘Saviors’
Edith Crash — ‘Partir’
Crash Kings – ‘You Keep Me Runnin’’
Cody Crump – ‘Just Another Day’


D.Veloped – ‘Bounce Back’
Dâm-Funk – ‘We Continue’, Live at the Echo
Dankrupt – ‘Ghost of You’
Dark Furs – ‘Hearts (F*ck You, Goodbye)’
Dawes – ‘All Your Favorite Bands’, ‘All Your Favorite Bands’ (video)
Zella Day – Live at the Fonda Theatre
Dead Right – ‘Rising Tide’
Dead Sara – ‘Something Good’, ‘Mona Lisa’
The Dead Ships – ‘Big Quiet’, ‘Tomorrow Crashes’
Deap Vally – ‘Royal Jelly’
Dear Boy – ‘Hesitation Waltz’
Decorator – ‘Mad Cali Transit’
Deebs & Jarell Perry, ‘Driving Blind’, ‘Shift’ EP, ‘Relapse’
De Lux – ‘Oh Man the Future’, ‘Oh Man The Future’ (video)
Delta Spirit – Live at Outpost Fest
Dekades – ‘Dekades’ (full EP)
Robert DeLong – Live at the Fonda Theatre
Dengue Fever – ‘Rom Say Sok’
Deradoorian – ‘A Beautiful Woman’
Deronda – ‘Royal Road’
DeQn Sue – ‘Snack’ EP
Dignitary – ‘Destiny’s False Turn’
Dirty Dishes – ‘Red Roulette’
Distant Cousins – ‘For a Moment’, ‘Your Story’ (feat. Jessie Payo)
Dorothy – ‘Raise Hell’, ‘Wicked Ones’, ‘Raise Hell’ (video)
Dr. Doctor – ‘Memory Tapes’
Draag – ‘Chair,’ ‘Lavender Hole’
Drab Majesty – ‘The Foyer’
Draemings – ‘Teen Dream Death Machine’, ‘Like a Ghost’
Dream Legal – ‘Palm Beach’
Dreaming Bull – ‘DB EP’, ‘No Use’
DreamVacation – ‘Window Room’,
DRINKS – ‘Laying Down Rock’,
Drip Lines – ‘Honeydew’
DTCV – ‘Radio Drive’
Ducktails – ‘Surreal Exposure’
Duniven – ‘My Mayra’, ‘Fun For a While’
Dutch Party – ‘Paper Moon’


Eagles of Death Metal – Live at the Teragram Ballroom
Eagle Rock Gospel Singers — An interview with
Eastern Conference Champions — ‘Love in Wartime’ and an interview with
Echolust – ‘Lotus’, ‘Electric’,
The Echo And The Sound – ‘Virginia Law’
Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – ‘Hot Coals’
Billie Eilish — ‘Ocean Eyes’
The Electric West – ‘Portland’
Hanni El Khatib – ‘Moonlight’, Live at Natural History Museum
Elle Belle — ‘Failed Dreamz’
Matt Ellis – ‘Thank You Los Angeles’
EFG – ‘Suzanne’
El May – ‘Thrills’
El Ten Eleven – ‘Peter and Jack’


Failure – Live at the Regent Theater
Fairbanks & the Lonesome Light – ‘Be Here At All’
Fakers – ‘Gold Room’, ‘$600’
Family of the Year – ‘Make You Mine’, ‘Make You Mine’, Live at the Troubadour
The Fashion Focus – ‘The World Outside’
Father John Misty – Live at the Roxy
Lena Fayre — ‘I Am Not a Man,’ ‘Possession’
Fiction Plane — ‘Where Do We Go From Here’
FIDLAR – ‘40oz on Repeat’, Live at the Regent Theater
Figs Vision – ‘Little Man’
Fell Runner – ‘Fell Runner’
Fever the Ghost – ‘Vervain’, Live at the Echo
FFS (Franz Ferdinand + Sparks) – ‘Piss Off’
Florals – ‘Grey’
Folk Riot – ‘Bow and Arrow’
Miya Folick – ‘Strange Darling’ EP
The Fontaines – ‘Cate Blanchett’
Fool’s Gold – ‘I’m in Love’, Live at the Troubadour
Forebear – ‘Cody’ EP, ‘Eon’, ‘People’s Champ’
Bob Forrest — An intervew with
Foxygen – Live at the Roxy
Robert Francis — ‘Valentine’
Frankie – ‘Problems, Problems’, Live at the Bootleg
Freedom Fry – ‘21’, ‘Shaky Ground (Hey Na Na Na)’
French Negative – ‘Yerkes-Dodson’
Froth – ‘Postcard Radio’, ‘Nothing Baby’
Funeral Party — An interview with
Skylar Funk – ‘Sealed With a Kiss’
Fuzz – ‘Rat Race’
The Fuzzy Crystals – ‘Wasted’
F.Y.I. – ‘No Shx!’


Gal Pals – ‘Punisher’
Gallant – ‘Weight In Gold’
The Garden – ‘Surprise!’, ‘All Smiles Over Here :)’
Gardens & Villa — An interview with, ‘Fixations’, ‘Fixations’ (video)
The Gaslamp Killer – Live at the Regent Theater
Gateway Drugs – ‘Fridays Are for Suckers’
Geronimo Getty – ‘Devil’s Theft’
Ghostporn – ‘Vivre Sa Vie’
Ghosts in Pocket – ‘Barberton’
Gia – ‘Only a Girl’
Girlpool – ‘Magnifying Glass’, ‘Ideal World’
Gliss – ‘Mirrored’
Globelamp – ‘Controversial Confrontation’
The Gloomies – ‘LSD’, ‘Groves’
Glorious Wondour – ‘Lunar Love’
Emily Gold – ‘Love Moves’, ‘Cyanide Lollipop’
Gold Star – ‘The Line’, ‘Dark Days’
Golden Coast – ‘Take You Away’
Golden Daze — ‘Salt’
Goldensuns — ‘I Feel This Place’
GospelbeacH – ‘Mick Jones’
Gothic Tropic – ‘Puppet Master’
Great Northern — ‘Tremors’
Colleen Green – ‘I Want to Grow Up’
Greyface – ‘What Did You Lose?’
GUIDES – ‘Abstract Mind’ EP
Gun Outfit – ‘Legends Of My Own’
Margo Guryan – ‘Sunday Morning’


The Haden Triplets – Live at the Echoplex
Shana Halligan – ‘So Crazy’, ‘Get Gone’
HANA – ‘Avalanche’
The Happy Hollows – ‘Astrid’
Harriet — ‘I’m Trying,’ ‘Irish Margaritas’, ‘American Appetite’
Harriet Brown – ‘20/15’, ‘New Machines’, ‘MBC’
Haunted Summer — ‘Dawn of the Red’
Hawai – ‘In My Head’
HEALTH – ‘New Coke’, Live at the Teragram Ballroom, Live at the Echo
Jason Heath & The Greedy Souls – ‘So Far From Grace’
Heathers (aka Hethers) – ‘Tanker’
Herbert Bail Orchestra – ‘You Are Beautiful’
He’s My Brother She’s My Sister – ‘Live In A Dream’, Live at the Teragram Ballroom
Nic Hessler – ‘I Feel Again’, ‘Hearts, Repeating’
High Desert Fires – ‘Azrael’
Highland Kites — ‘Before You Leave’
HISTORY – ‘History’
Historian – ‘Pulled Under’
Hodgy Beats – ‘Dena Tape 2’
Julia Holter – ‘Betsy On The Roof’, ‘Feel You’
Honeyhoney – ‘You and I’, Live at the El Rey
Hot As Sun – ‘I Can Feel Your Love’
A House for Lions – ‘Tell Me We Can Run Now’
Howls – ‘Come On’ (full EP)
HØØNCH – ‘Top’
Howls – ‘White Noise’, ‘Sixteen’
HT Heartache – ‘Roam Cold Highway’
Hudson Stone – ‘Too Late for Love’
Hunny – ‘Parking Lot’, ‘Natalie’, ‘Cry for Me’
Hunter Hunted – ‘Blindside’, Live at the Roxy
Huxley – ‘22’


The Icarus Line – ‘Ride or Die’
Imaginary Persons – ‘Goin On’
Infantree – ‘Changing Hands’
The Internet – ‘Get Away’
ISLES – ‘Home Again’
Itasca – ‘Nature’s Gift’


James Davis – ‘Better Than You’
James Supercave – ‘Better Strange’, ‘Better Strange’, (video), ‘The Right Thing’, Live at the Echo
The Janks – ‘Millionaire,’ ‘Face the Night’
Jennylee – ‘Never’, Live at the Echo
Jesika von Rabbit – ‘Psychic Spice’
Jesus Sons – ‘Randy’s Blues’
JMSN – Live at the Natural History Museum
Joel Jerome – ‘Everybody Wants Somebody’
Junk – Live at Non Plus Ultra
Jutty Ranx – ‘Discordia’ (full album)


Kan Wakan – ‘Moving On Remixed’
Kanin – ‘Winner Circle’ feat. Kendrick Lamar
Keenhouse – ‘Argon Decibel’
Kid Bloom – ‘Make Me Nervous’, ‘Annalise’
Kid Cadaver – ‘New Friends,’ ‘Keep Well’, ‘New Friends’ (video)
KING — ‘Hey’ (Extended Mix)
King Tuff – ‘Headbanger’
Kisses – ‘Control’, ‘A Groove’
Kita Klane – ‘Fingerprints’
Kitten – Live at the Troubadour
The Knitts — ‘Get Up Get Out’
Kodak to Graph – ‘IAMANTHEM’
Naheen Kula – ‘In a Laughing Mediterranean Way’


LA Font – ‘Hangtime Vol. 1’ EP
La Lenguas – ‘9 to 5’
La Sera — ‘High Notes’
L.A. Takedown – ‘L.A. Takedown’
Lady Lazarus – ‘Miracles’
Lady Low – ‘Burning Like a Fever’, ‘Rainy Day’
Kendrick Lamar – ‘Alright’, ‘The Blacker The Berry’, Live at Air + Style 2015
LANY – ‘Bad, Bad, Bad’
Late Night Friends – ‘We Are OK’
Ben Lee – ‘Big Love’
The Legendary House Cats – ‘King Grudge’
Letts – ‘Emeralds’
Jenny Lewis – Live at Coachella 2015
LEX — ‘Mystery Boy,’ ‘Beam’
Light FM – ‘Pointless’
Alex Lilly – ‘Paranoid Times’ (feat. Tre Hardson of the Pharcyde)
Little Red Lung – ‘Get on the Boat’
Line & Circle – ‘Like a Statue’
Lisa Sonoda – ‘Never Could’
Lissie – ‘Hero’
Liphemra – ‘Did U Cry’
Little Brutes – ‘Make Our Own Way’
Livingmore – ‘Little Bird’
Lieutenant – ‘Believe the Squalor’
Lo Brite – ‘Sunset’
The Lonely Wild – ‘Snow’, ‘Running’
Los Lobos — An excerpt from the book “Los Lobos: A Dream in Blue,” Live at the Regent Theater
Los Angeles Police Department – ‘Insecurity’
Lord Huron – ‘Fool for Love’, ‘The Night We Met’, Live at the Wiltern
Lou Pine – ‘Hard Love’,
Sara Lov — ‘Sorrow Into Stone,’ ‘Some Kind of Champion’, ‘Trains’
Dustin Lovelis – ‘Idiot’
LP – ‘Lost on You’
The Luxembourg Signal — ‘Dying Star (Cirrus)’
Tyler Lyle – ‘Winter Is for Kierkegaard’


M83 – ‘Holes in the Sky’ (feat. HAIM)
Malcolm Sosa – ‘Magic Words’
Eleni Mandell – ‘Someone To Love Like You’
Mating Ritual – ‘I Wear Glasses’, ‘Hum Hum’, ‘Toxins’
Maudlin Strangers – ‘Sunny Day Rain’, ‘Aim’
Maxim Ludwig – ‘All My Nightmares’
Max Kala – ‘Goodluck, Goodnight, Goodbye’
Max and the Moon – ‘Harps’, ‘Modern Love’
Media Jeweler – ‘Autopilot’
Meiko – ‘You’re Mine (The Chase)’
Alexa Melo – ‘Bleach’
Memory Rounds – ‘Glances’
Mercies – ‘Every Echo’
Miami Horror – ‘Love Like Mine’
Midnight Swim Club – ‘Sleepwalker’
Mik Current – ‘Mik Current’ EP
Mind Meld – ‘You’re Not Free’
The Milk Carton Kids – ‘Monterey’
Milo Greene – Live at the El Rey, An interview with
Miner – ‘Better Instincts’, ‘Better Instincts’ (video)
Mini Mansions – ‘Freakout!”, ‘Any Emotions’, ‘Double Visions’, Live at the Masonic Lodge, Live at the Troubadour
Mirror Talk – ‘1997’ EP, ‘1/M/T/’
Moaning – ‘The Same’
Mocky – ‘Living in The Snow’
Monarch – ‘Snow White’, ‘Stay’
Monogem – ‘Silhouette’, ‘Wait and See’
Moon Honey – ‘The Cathedral’
Moons of Mars – ‘Poolside’
Molly Moore — ‘Don’t Believe It,’ ‘Peace of My Heart’
The Moth & The Flame – ‘Wishing Well’, ‘Young & Unafraid’, ‘Young & Unafraid’
Motion CNTRL – ‘It’s On You’
The Mowgli’s – ‘I’m Good’, Live at the Regent Theater
Moxi – ‘Through The Dark’
Angela Muhwezi – ‘I Need You More’
MUNA – ‘So Special’
Murs — Live at the Fonda Theatre
My Dead Air – ‘Holding On’
Meg Myers – ‘Sorry’, Live at the Fonda Theatre
The Mynabirds – ‘Wildfire’, ‘Semantics’, Live at the Echo
Mystic Braves – ‘Great Company’, Live at the Teragram Ballroom


Johnette Napolitano – ‘Here’
Nav/Attack – ‘Tear It’
Lael Neale – ‘Born in the Summer’
The Nervous Wreckords – ‘The Nervous Wreckord (Part I)’
The New Division – ‘Introspective’
The New Electric Sound – ‘Maybe’
New Technology – ‘Revolutionary Interface’
The Neighbourhood – ‘R.I.P. 2 My Youth’, Live at the Shrine
Nicky Blitz – ‘Hawk’ (full EP)
Nightair – ‘The Roses’
Nightjacket – ‘The Right Way To Fall’
Nightmare Boy – ‘Pretending Not to Breathe’
NightOwl – ‘Stripped to the Core’
Night Riots – ‘Shine’ (acoustic)
Night Terrors of 1927 – Live at the Roxy
Nik Freitas – ‘Anyone Listening’
NKOSI – ‘White Gold’
No Age – Live at the Echo
Nobody – ‘Feel at Home’ (feat. Open Mike Eagle)
Nocando – ‘Alaska’
NoMBe – ‘California Girls’
No Parents – ‘Die Hippie Die’ , Live at the Smell
No Win – ‘Shelley Duval’
Northern American – ‘Modern Phenomena’, ‘Modern Phenomena’ (full album), ‘Elysian’


Odessa – ‘I Will Be There’
Ofelia K – ‘Gone’
Of Verona – ‘Stay Gold’
Olin and the Moon – ‘Every Summer’
Olivver the Kid – ‘Attica ‘71’
Omniflux – ‘Dance In Your Blood’, ‘Lawless Flawless’
Only You – ‘The Pressure,’ ‘Let Me Burn’
Open Mike Eagle – ‘Celebrity Reduction’, ‘Raps For When It’s Just You And The Abyss’
Opus Vitae – ‘I’ve Been Wrong’
The Outline — An interview with


The Pandoras – Live at the Satellite
Panthar – ‘Ghost Rocket’, ‘Ghost Rocket’
Doe Paoro – ‘Hypotheticals’
PAPA – ‘Hold On’, Live at the Roxy
Paper Pilots – ‘The Weather’
Parade of Lights – ‘Feeling Electric’
Pelts – ‘Crush Me’
Jarell Perry – ‘Quiet Life’
Phantoms – ‘All In’
PHASES – ‘Cooler’
Pom Poms – ‘Betty’
Post Malone – ‘White Iverson’
POWERS – ‘Legendary’,
Pounded By the Surf – ‘No Waves’
Private Island – ‘Enough’
Pr0files – ‘Empty Hands’
Stefan Pruett – ‘Carefree’
Psychic Love – ‘The Weekend’


Quigley – ‘Beginning of Anything’


Rainbow Jackson — ‘Take It or Leave It’
Rami Dearest — ‘Chairs With Arms’
Raw Fabrics – ‘Move Over’, ‘Move Over’
The Record Company — ‘Off the Ground’
Johnathan Rice — An interview with
Miranda Lee Richards – ‘7th Ray’
Ricket Wicky – ‘Rotten Backboards’
Riothorse Royale – ‘The Guest House’ EP, ‘Rabbit Hole’
Roah Summit – ‘Take Care’, ‘Mother American’
Roses – ‘Quiet Time’
Isaac Rother & the Phantoms – ‘The Phantom’
Lawrence Rothman – ‘Users’, ‘Oz Vs. Eden’
Rough Church – ‘Grandeur’
Royal Tongues – ‘Chasing Down a Feeling’
Run River North – ‘Run or Hide’


Sad Robot – ‘Fear Me’, ‘Fear Me’ (video)
Saint Motel – Live at Coachella 2015
Salt Petal – ‘Por La Luna’
Sam Outlaw – ‘Who Do You Think You Are’
Satchmode – ‘Further Away’
Scavenger Hunt – ‘Wildfire’
Sego – ‘The Fringe’, ‘Mickey Macali’
Seagoat – ‘Pioneer’, ‘Pins and Needles’
Seasons – ‘Coppertone’, ‘Everything Changes’
Send Medicine – ‘Tall Flowers’
Sextile – ‘A Thousand Hands’
Sex Stains – ‘Oh No Say What’
Sexy Jesus – ‘Samantha Song’
The Shelters – ‘The Shelters’ (full EP), ‘Birdwatching’
The Silver Lake Chorus – ‘Hold Up For’
Silversun Pickups — An interview with, ‘Circadian Rhythm (Last Dance)’, ‘Nightlight’, Live at the Masonic Lodge
Sin Fin – ‘Re-Volver’
The Singer and the Songwriter – ‘Homebody’
The Singles – ‘Sweet Tooth’
The Singles (Scarlett Johansson and Friends) – ‘Candy’
Sin Marlee – ‘King of Nazareth’
Sleep State – ‘Make a Move’
Sleeptalk — ‘Young’
Slutever – ‘Smother’
Snakearm – ‘This Is It”
Sneakout – ‘Savior’
Snoop Dogg – ‘Peaches N Cream’
Soko – ‘Who Wears the Pants?’
Some Go Haunting – ‘Stay With Me’
So Many Wizards – ‘Everybody Goes Away’
Sonny Boy Thorn – ‘Dance to the Beat’
Sophie and the Bom Boms — ‘Big Girls,’ ‘All Mine (Real Bitches)’
Spaceships – ‘Stone’
SPELLES – ‘Wild Heart’, ‘Rib Cage’
Springtime Carnivore – ‘Other Side of the Boundary’
SPURS – ‘New Girl’
StaG — ‘Colorado/Suicidal,’ ‘Hide a Few’
Steady Holiday — ‘You Version of Me’
Strange Babes – ‘Strange Babes’ (full album), ‘Come Back Around’
Street Joy – ‘Telephone’, ‘Long Time Ago’
Sugarplum Fairies – ‘Sunday Suddenly’
Summer Twins – ‘Demons’
Moses Sumney – ‘Seeds’, Live at the Echo
Sun Drug – ‘Soaked’, ‘Easy in Your Attitude’, ‘Soaked’ (Video)
Superhumanoids – ‘Anxious In Venice’, Live at Figat7th Downtown Festival
Swahili Blonde — ‘Rose My Emperor,’ ‘Discover Aurora’
Sweet Bump It – ‘Energy’
Swerve – ‘Remedy’
SWIMM – ‘Belly’, ‘All the Time’, ‘Beverly Hells’, Live at El Cid


Tall Tales and the Silver Lining – ‘Something To Believe In’, ‘This Time Around’
Talk In Tongues – ‘While Everyone Was Waiting’, ‘Always All the Time’, ‘Still Don’t Seem to Care’
Tambourines – ‘Daisy’
Tame Impala – ‘Cause I’m A Man’ (HAIM remix)
Tashaki Miyaki – ‘Never My Love’
Tennis – ‘Memories & Broken Dreams’
TETE – ‘Newblood’
Their Wedding – ‘Naked’, ‘I Tried to Leave You’
Thrift – ‘Warning Signs (Dirty Lover)’
THRILLERS – ‘Can’t Get Enough’
Thundercat – ‘Them Changes’, Live at the Regent Theater
Tijuana Panthers – ‘Front Window Down’
Trevor James Tillery – ‘Out of Time’
Together PANGEA – ‘If You’re Scared’
TOKiMONSTA — ‘Put It Down’ feat. Anderson .Paak and KRNE
Luke Top — ‘On the Shore’
Translator – ‘Translator’
Trapdoor Social – ‘Fine On My Own’
Transviolet — ‘Girls Your Age’
Travelers – ‘Something I Said’
Trickster Guru — ‘Feel the Spirit’
Triptides – ‘Prediction’
Trouble Knows Me – ‘Trouble Knows Me’
The Tulips – ‘Scorpio Man’
TÜLIPS – ‘Wait’, ‘Perfect Love’
Gavin Turek — An interview with, Live at Tarfest, ‘Don’t Fight It’
Tuxedo – ‘Number One’
Two Sheds – ‘You Get to Me’
Tyler, the Creator – ‘Deathcamp’


Gregory Uhlmann – ‘It’s Not Your Fault’


Valida – ‘Wild Heart’
Vanish Valley – ‘Creeping Heart’
Matthew Logan Vasquez – ‘Everything I Do Is Out’
Omar Velasco — ‘Golden Child’
Vicious Kicks – ‘Street Called Mayhem’
Vision – ‘What I Need’
Violent Femmes – ‘Love Love Love Love Love’
Cassandra Violet – ‘Lady’
Virginia Reed – ‘What I Learned From Getting Shot’
Viva Violet – ‘Nothing Illuminated’
Võx – ‘Your Vice’, ‘Put The Poison In Me’, ‘Better’
VOWWS – ‘The Great Sun’, ‘Councillor’
Evan Voytas – ‘Disappear Into the Stars’


Wages – ‘Rattlesnake’, ‘L’oeil’ (full EP)
Wake Up Lucid – ‘Get F*cked’
Wand – ‘Stolen Footsteps’, ‘Reaper Invert’
D.A. Wallach – ‘Time Machine’
Wash feat. Lucy LaForge – ‘There Is Mercy in This Night’
Warbly Jets – ‘Psychomanteum’
Warpaint – ‘No Way Out (Redux)’
Warren G – ‘My House’
Sean Watkins – ‘All I Do Is Lie’ (full album)
Wax Idols – ‘Lonely You’
Ryn Weaver – ‘The Fool’, Live at the Belasco
Well Hung Heart – ‘Throw It All Away’
Wes Period – ‘Lilac Rose,’ ’The End’, ‘Highs & Lows’, ‘Photosynthesis’ EP
Western Bells – ‘Hearts & Stars’
Western Scene – ‘See What You Want To’
Wetwood Smokes – ‘Organ Donor’
Wilding – ‘Like You Do’ (feat. Grace Kelly)
White Arrows – Live at the Roxy
White Sea – ‘Never A Woman’
Vinyl Williams – ‘Space Age Utopia’
Winter – ‘Some Kind of Surprise’, ‘Someone Like You’, ‘All The Things You Do’
Wolf Prize – ‘Lingerer’
Chelsea Wolfe – Live at the Regent Theater, ‘Carrion Flowers’
Henry Wolfe – ‘Asilomar’ (full album)


X — Live at the Observatory


YACHT – ‘I Thought The Future Would Be Cooler’
Nico Yaryan – ‘Old Gloria’, ‘Just Tell Me’
Yellow Red Sparks – ‘Seven Seas’,
Young Creatures – ‘Fear All the Things’
Young Light – ‘Blank Dice’
Youngblood Hawke – ‘Private Eyes’
yOya – ‘The Heartwood’, ‘The Heartwood’ (video)


Rob Zabrecki – ‘Dreaming’
Zero DeZire – ‘PSA’


1st Vows – ‘Kimono’
222 – ‘One Night Stand’

Photos in the collage above, from left: No Parents at the Smell by Zane Roessell; Cold War Kids at the Annenberg by Michelle Shiers; Alexa Melo at Chinatown Summer Nights by Chad Elder; Deap Vally at Echo Park Rising by Carl Pocket.<