2017: The Buzz Bands LA Index of L.A. artists we covered

Photos, clockwise from left: Luna Shadows by Ashly Covington; Foxygen by Samantha Saturday; Electric Guest by Michelle Shiers; Sego by Jessica Hanley; Malia; Flying Lotus by Zane Roessell
Photos, clockwise from left: Luna Shadows by Ashly Covington; Foxygen by Samantha Saturday; Electric Guest by Michelle Shiers; Sego by Jessica Hanley; Malia; Flying Lotus by Zane Roessell

As we wave goodbye to 2017, here is our annual Index — a list of the more than 500 L.A. artists (give or take, we’ve included some festivals too) covered this past year on Buzz Bands LA, with links to our coverage.

Thanks for following us. See you in ’18.


2Mex, “Lospital”
ADLT VDEO, “Start Over,” “Alive”
Adult Books, ‘Firewalking’
Alex Rose, ‘Grandmothers’
Alina Bea, Live at Tarfest
Alisha Westerman, ‘Human Prize’
Allah Las, “Hereafter/Autumn Dawn”
Alyeska, “Tilt-A-Whirl,” live at the Echo
Among Savages, ‘If You See Her’
Angelo De Augustine, “Crazy, Stoned & Gone”
ANML, ‘It’s Over’
Anna Schulze, ‘L.A. Let Me Go’
Annie Hardy, “Want,” ‘Train’
Ariel Pink, “Another Weekend,” “Feels Like Heaven,” ‘I Wanna Be Young’
Arroyo Seco Weekend, (Day 1, Day 2)
Atomic Walrus, ‘WYMMF’
Auni, ‘The River’
Avid Dancer, “Favorite Dreams”
AWOLNATION, ‘Passion,’ ‘Seven Sticks Of Dynamite’


Bad Suns, live at the Fonda Theatre
Bad Wave, “Time to Get Lost,” “Money”
Baths, “Yeoman”
Beachwood Coyotes, “I’m Tired of Rolling My Eyes”
Beck Black, ‘Red Dog’
Bedouine, “Dusty Eyes”
Bekon, “Cold As Ice”
Benjamin Jaffe, “Dominator”
Best Coast, live at the Smell, live at the El Rey Theatre (Don’t Sit Down benefit), live at the Greek Theatre
Big Black Delta, “Brookes was here 2a”
Billie Eilish, “Copycat,” live at the Hi Hat
Billy Changer, “She’s Good to Go”
Billy Uomo, “Wasted”
Bird Concerns, “Nobody Wants to Be My Baby”
Bishop Briggs, live at the El Rey Theatre
Bjorn And The Sun, ‘Oh My My’
Blackpaw, “Defenseless”
Blade of Grass, ‘Looks So Good’
Blake Hazard, “Before the Ice,” ‘Before the Ice’ video
Bleached, “Flipside”
Blond Ambition, ‘Stupid Boy/Girl,’ ‘Good News’
Blondfire, “Here and Now,” live at Mini Fest at the Forge
Blondie, ‘Fun’
Bobby Blunders, “Plummeting Further Still”
Bolinas, “Vacation”
BONAVEGA, ‘I Know You Want My Love’
BONES, ‘Beautiful Is Boring’
Born Rivals, “Volca”
BØRNS, ‘Faded Heart’
Boyfriend, live at GIRLSCHOOL LA
BOYO, “Good as Gone,” ‘Insomnia’
Brainstory, “Brainstory” (album), Live at Tarfest
Brandon McCulloch, “Setting Sun”
Breaking Heights, “Where We Are” (full EP)
Brenda Carsey, ‘Sad, Sad Moon’
Brian Ellis, ‘Nice Surprise’
Brian Wilson, Live at the Pacific Amphitheatre
Brightener, “Filters II”
Brockhampton, “Swamp”
Broke LA 2017
Butch Bastard, “Sloppy Seconds”
Buyepongo, “Suelton Fuego”


Calamity the Kid, “American Muscle”
Camp Flog Gnaw 2017 (Day 1, Day 2)
Carly Van Skaik, “He Had Me”
Cassandra Violet, “Invisible Man”
Cataline, “Fire in the Sky”
Cate Le Bon, ‘Rock Pool’
CFM, “Voyeurs”
Charlie Limousine, “Charity Case”
Cheap Tissue, “Bag Number”
Chelsea Wolfe, “16 Psyche,” “The Culling”, live at GIRLSCHOOL LA, live at the Regent
Cherry Glazerr, live at the Teragram Ballroom
Chicano Batman, ‘Freedom Is Free,’ live at the Fonda Theatre
Chimney, “Little One”
Chinatown series (Summer Night 1, Night 2, Night 3, Moon Festival, CicLAvia)
Chris Price, “Stop Talking”
Cillie Barnes, “Clandestina,” live at the Echo
Clans, “Trouble (The Boy Who Cried, I Am a Wolf)”
Clara-Nova, “The Illusionist”
Clipping, “Body for the Pile,” ‘Back Up’
Cloak & Dagger, (Night 1, Night 2)
Coachella 2017
Coastal Clouds, “Nothing to Hide” (full EP)
Cobra Man, “Weekend Special”
Coco, “New EP” (EP)
Cody Crump, “Hola” (full EP)
Cold War Kids, ‘Love Is Mystical,’ live at Fivepoint Amphitheatre
Collapsing Scenery, “Straight World Problems”
Conditioner, “Dates & Names”
Cones, “Echoes On,” “Whatever You’re Into,” “Later”
Cosmos & Creature, ‘Bad Drug,’ ‘Ride the Wave’
Crash, ‘Big Waste’
Creature Canyon, ‘She’s Mine’
Crystales, “Boring”
CUCO, “Lava Lamp”
Cutty Flam, ‘Runaway’


D.A. Stern, “Am I Ever On Your Mind?”
Dana and the Wolf, “Him”
Dawes, ‘Roll With the Punches’
De Lux, “875 Dollars”
Dead Sara, live at the Troubadour
Deap Vally, live at GIRLSCHOOL LA
Dear Boy, ‘Cold Spell’
Debut [debut], “Hello”
Decorator, “Circles”
Dengue Fever, live at the Fonda Theatre
Dent May, “Across the Universe,” “90210,” ‘90210’ video
DeQn Sue, ‘Piñata’
Derde Verde, “Turn”
Desert Daze, (Day 1, Day 2, Day 3)
Desi Valentine, “My Own Worst Enemy”
Dhani Harrison, “All About Waiting,” ‘All About Waiting’ video, live at the Echo
Distractor, ‘Video Games’
Doe Paoro, ‘Second Door’
Dorian Wood, “Circulos”
Dorothy, live at the Troubadour
Dot Hacker, “C Section”
DOT x Jnthn Stein, “No Filter”
DOT, “Gravity”
Doug DeLuca, ‘Hit Your Mark’
Dr. Doctor, “Turbulence”
Drab Majesty, ‘Too Soon To Tell,’ live at the Echoplex
Draemings, “Fire In Hell,” ‘Loveless’
Dreamcar, live at the Roxy
Dream Club, “California Dreams or the Head-Trip Scene,” “Cuts”
Dream Phases, “Summer Daze”
DreamVacation, “Dream Vacation” (full EP)
Drinker, “Which Way is South”
Drinking Flowers, ‘I Can’t Dance’
Dustbowl Revival, live at Teragram Ballroom
Dustin Lovelis, “Tompkinsville”
Dutch Party, “Blade Runner”
DWNTWN, “Bloodshot Eyes,” ‘Lonely’
Dzang, ‘I Know You’re in Love With Me’


Early Winters, “Amends”
Earth Girl Helen Brown, ‘Mercury’ (full album), “Flower of Darkness”
Echo Park Rising (Day 1, Day 2, Day 3/Part I (Buzzbands.LA Stage), Day 3/Part II, Day 3/Part III, Day 4)
Electric Guest, ‘Back For Me,’ live at the Teragram Ballroom
Eleni Mandell, “Empty Locket,” live at the Bootleg Theater
Eli Chartkoff, excerpts from “Obliteration City”
Eli Raybon, ‘Unsymmetrical’
Elohim, “Skinny Legs”
Emerson Star, “Wasted”
Entrance, “Always The Right Time”
Ethan Gruska, “Reoccurring Dream”
Ether Feather, ‘Kiss The Earth’
ExSage, live at GIRLSCHOOL LA


Facial, “Black Noise”
Father John Misty, ‘Total Entertainment Forever,’ ‘Pure Comedy,’ live at the Greek Theatre
Fellow Bohemian, “Calm & Modern”
Fellow Fellow, ‘North’
Fenway, “The Lake”
Fernando Perdomo, “The Golden Hour” (full album)
Film School, “Bye Bye Bird”
Fime, ‘Little Princess’
Flying Lotus, ‘Post Requisite’
Former Faces, “Swimming in Circles” (EP)
Foster the People, “Doing It for the Money,” live at Club Bahia
Foxtrax, “Grey Morning”
Foxygen, ‘On Lankershim,’ live at the Fonda Theatre, live at the Greek Theatre
Francisco the Man, “I’ll Feel Better”
Frankie and the Witch Fingers, “Learnings of the Light”
Freedom Fry, ‘Party Down’
French Vanilla, “Anti-Aging Global Warming”
Froth, ‘Sensitive Girl’
FRTNK, “Let Go”
Future Fire, “Another Time (Life of a Sex Robot)”
FYF Fest (
Day 1, Day 2, Day 3)


Gaslamp Killer, ‘Sins: The Instrumentalepathy Album Film’
Gavin Turek, live at the Echo
Gel Set, “Don’t You Miss Me?”
GEMS, “Free Fall”
Geneva White, “Dreamcatcher”
Georgi Kay, “Guilty Pleasures”
Ghostel, “Buckley Get Your Gun”
Girlpool, ‘It Gets More Blue,’ ‘Powerplant,’ live at the Teragram Ballroom
Girlyboi, “Bonfire”
Gold Star, “Sonny’s Blues”
Goldroom, “Spread Love”
Gone Is Gone, ‘Dublin’
Goon, “Cammie At Night”
GospelbeacH, “You’re Already Home”
Gothic Tropic, “Your Soul,” live at Resident
Gregory Uhlmann, “Too Much To Bear,” “Little Sur”
Greyface, “Delilah,” “Greyola” (full album)
Grouplove, live at the El Rey Theatre (Don’t Sit Down benefit)
Groves, “Urges”
Guidance, “When You’re With Us”
Gun Outfit, “Strange Insistence”
Guns N’ Roses, live at Staples Center


Haim, ‘Right Now,’ ‘Want You Back’
Hammered Satin, ‘U.F.O.’
Hand Habits, “Sun Beholds Me,” “Yr Heart”
Happy Hollows, ‘Feel the Moon,’ “Meteors”
Harley Cortez, “The Hours,” ‘The Hours’
Haroula Rose, ‘Good for You’
Harriet Brown, “Obsession”
Haunted Summer, “Every Step,” ‘Every Step’ video, live at the Hi Hat
HAWAI, ‘Think About It”
HEALTH, live at the Echoplex
Heavenalive, “Monster”
Henry Nowhere, “Don’t Care Where”
Highland Kites, “I’m Not Weak”
Holland Belle, ‘Grow Towards the Light’
Holy Wars, ‘I Can’t Feel A Thing,’ “Back to Life”
Honey Child, “Sleepy Hands,” ‘Gotta Wait Another Night’
Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions, “Sleep”
HOTT MT, ‘At Night in Chinatown’
Hundred Handed, ‘Vibe’
Hunny, “Shy,” live at the Teragram Ballroom


I Hate You Just Kidding, “Constellations”
Imaad Wasif, “Far East,” ‘Carry the Scar’
Inara George, ‘Young Adult’
Incan Abraham, “Arabian Cane” (EP)
Io Echo, ‘Harm’
Iress, “Crown of Losers”
Irontom, “Be Bold Like Elijah”
Isle & Fever, “Keep Workin”


J.D. King, ‘Midnight Rendezvous’
Jackie Highway, ‘Armchair Dreaming’
Jake Bellows, ‘Little Bird’
Jane Machine, “I Hope We Win”
Jane’s Addiction, live at the Hollywood Palladium
Jaws of Love (Kelcey Ayer of Local Natives), “Jaws of Love,” Kelcey Ayer, on balladry, solo projects and things guys say to their dogs
Jeff Caudill, “Tears in My Ears”
Jenny O, “People”
Jesse Jo Stark, “Deadly Doll”
Jesse Rutherford, “Drama”
Jet Trash, “Shake”
Joe Cardamone, ‘Out of Road’
Joel Jerome, “Sgt Papa’s Lonely <3’s Club Band”
Joey Dosik, ‘Game Winner’
John Isaac Watters, ‘Past Hope Now’
Jome, “Crystalline”
Jonathan Wilson, “Over the Midnight”
Joyce Manor, live at the Regent Theater
Julian Jasper, “Wait Until Dawn”


Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, “An Intention,” “To Feel Your Best”
Kamasi Washington, live at the Hollywood Bowl
Kan Wakan, “I Had to Laugh,” “Phantasmagoria, Pt. 1,” “Tuesday (feat. Rachel Fannan & Avi Buffalo),” live at the Bootleg Theater
Karriem Riggins, “4Es’J & Oddness”
Kat Meoz, ‘Christmas in Hollywood’
Katsù Oso, “Cherry Love”
Kenneth Aaron Harris, ‘Birthday Boy’
Kera & the Lesbians, “I’m Late” (feat. the Wild Reeds), “Bright Future Ahead” (The Dreamer Version), live at the Teragram Ballroom
Kevin Morby, “Come to Me Now,” “1234”
Kid Bloom, “Take My Breath Away”
Kidä, “Bone Mother”
Kid Wave, live at GIRLSCHOOL LA
King Leg, “Great Outdoors”
Kingsbury, “Alone Again”
Kitten, live at the Roxy, live at the Regent Theater, live at the Play Like a Girl anniversary at the Echo & Echoplex
Knower, live at the Hi Hat
Kolars, ‘Dizzy,’ live at the Echoplex
Korey Dane and Zella Day, “Blood on the Mattress”


L.A. Girlfriend, ‘Death & Peonies’
L.A. Takedown, ‘Night Skiing,’ ‘Bad Night at Black’s Beach,’ ‘The Last Thing’
L.A. Witch, “Brian,” “Untitled,” ‘Drive Your Car,’ live at Levitt Pavilion MacArthur Park, live at the Teragram
La Bouquet, “Loser Baby,” ‘Kiss Me, Kill Me’, Live at Tarfest
LA Font, “Leaf” (feat. Sadie Depuis)
La Louma, “The Decline of Nations”
Las Cafeteras, “If I Was President”
Lauren Lakis, ‘Ferocious’
Lauren Ruth Ward, “Well, Hell,” live at the El Rey Theatre, live at the Bootleg Theater
Lawrence Rothman, ‘Ain’t Afraid Of Dying,’ ‘Stand By’
Lean, “Come Back”
Linda Perhacs, On finding her ‘God sound’ in a universe of collaborators
Line & Circle, “Man Uncouth”
Liphrema, live at GIRLSCHOOL LA
Lissie, “Daughters” (and all of ‘Compilation for a Cause’)
Litronix, “Hole in the Wall”
Little Reader, “Disappearing One”
Livingmore, ‘Really Mean It,’ “Gone Too Fast,” ‘Gone Too Fast’ video
Lo Moon, “This Is It,” “Thorns,” live at the Annenberg Space for Photography
Lo Tom, “Overboard”
Local Natives, live at the Fox Theater in Pomona
Loch & Key, “Blue Christmas”
Lolahiko, ‘Funeral’
Lone Kodiak, “Calm Down,” “Someone Else’s Future”
Lord Huron, live at the Teragram Ballroom
Los Angeles Police Department, “The Plane 2,” ‘Spent,’ ‘If I Lied’
Lost Beach, “Nightbreak” (EP), ‘Classless Man’
Louis Schefano, “Come to Think”
Lovely Bad Things, “Hiding To Nothing”
Low Hum, ‘Sunburns’
Loyal Lobos, “Dirt”
LP, live at the El Rey Theatre
Lucy & La Mer, “Honey, Put Your Weapons Down,” ‘Honey, Put Your Weapons Down’ video
Lukas Frank, “Storefront Church” (EP), live at the Echo (Locks of Love benefit)
Luna Shadows, “Thorns”, live at GIRLSCHOOL LA
Luxxury, “I Need You”
LVLS, “Empath Bubblebath”


Mac DeMarco, live at the Echo
Mad Revival, “Bangin’ at Your Door”
Mai Ann, “Natalie”
Majken, ‘Corner of 69’
Malia, “Dirty Laundry” (feat. Syd)
Maltman Fair, “Stand Back”
Mansions on the Moon, “Spirits”
MAP, “Skills to Rebuild”
Mapache, “In the Morning Light”
Marias, “Beneath the Pavement”
Matt Martians, “Diamond In Da Ruff”
Maxim Ludwig, “No One Has To Know”
Mering & Rosenberg, “Tears On Fire”
MetronOhm, “White Rabbit”
Midnight Sister, “Leave You”
Mike Edge, “I’ve Got Time”
MILCK, ‘Quiet,’ live at the Roxy
Milo Greene, “I Know About You”
Mind Monogram, “Hedberg”
Miner, “A Morning Song”
Mines Falls, “My New House”
Miranda Lee Richards, “Lucid I Would Dream”
Miss Derringer, “Nobody to Come”
Miya Folick, “Trouble Adjusting,” ‘Give It To Me,’ ‘Woodstock’
Moaning, ‘Don’t Go,’ live at the Teragram Ballroom
Moby & the Void Pacific Choir, ‘In This Cold Place’
Mondo Cozmo, ‘Shine,’ ‘Plastic Soul,’ An overnight sensation … after 15 years, live at the Troubadour, live at the Annenberg Space for Photography, live at the El Rey Theatre
Moniquea, ‘Famous’
Monogem’s Summer Road Trip Playlist
Moon Ensemble, “Future Colours”
Moon Honey, “Betta Fish,” live at the Teragram Ballroom
Moonlight Graham, “Easy”
Moses Sumney, ‘Doomed,’ “Quarrel,” ‘Lonely World’
Motor Sales, ‘Kick It Off’
Mourners, “American Sign Language”
Mt. Joy, “Sheep,” ‘Cardinal’
Music Tastes Good, (Day 1, Day 2)


Naomi Greene, ‘No Skin,’ ‘Laura’
Nectarines, “Out of My World”
Nedelle Torrisi, “Love to the Limit”
New Evil, “Cc0001,” ‘Pale Skin Latin Girls’
New Language, “Everybody Screams”
New Mystics, “Modern,” ‘Modern’ video
Nick Valentini Collective, “Carousel”
Nicky Blitz, “Blast Off”
Night Talks, “Cutting Through”
Night Things, “Cost of the Summer”
Nightmare Air, ‘Who’s Your Lover’
Nights & Weekends, “Half Moon Heart,” “Music for Marriage” (full album)
Nite Jewel, ‘2 Good 2 Be True,’ “Had to Let Me Go”
No Age, “Soft Collar Fad,” “Drippy,” live at the Smell
No Win, “Crooked Heart”
Noah Kwid, “Untitled”
NoMBe, “Young Hearts”
Nomi Abadi, ‘Omega’
NONA, “Father’s Day”
Nyxe, ‘Get Down’


OCS (fka Oh Sees), “Memory of a Cut Off Head”
Oddnesse, “Incoming Call,” “Scream,” “Are You Down,” “I Used To”
Of the Dark I Dare, “Sleeping Bodies” (feat. Zilva Thustra)
Oh Sees, “The Static God”
Old Man Saxon, ‘Sunday Saxon’
Omar Velasco, “Paloma”
Open Mike Eagle: live at the Echo
Orpheo McCord, “Ghost Ship”


Pacific Radio, “Pretty, but Killing Me” (album)
Pageants, “Chai ( חַי)”
Pair of Arrows, “Step Again”
Paper Pilots, “Playing Games”
Parting Lines, “Black Tint Sunset”
Paul Oakenfold, live at the Annenberg Space for Photography
Peaking Lights, “Little Flower” ft. Chloë Sevigny, “Everytime I See The Light”
Pearl Charles, “Sleepless Dreamer”
People Flavor, “Shake Well”
Phantoms, “Pulling Me In”
Phoebe Bridgers, “Smoke Signals,” “Motion Sickness,” live at the Lodge Room
Polarcode,“Cut You Loose”
Polartropica, “Crystal Ramen”
POLLA, “Miles”
Pom Poms, ‘Gimme You’
Pomdip, “Jamaica and the Good Bones”
Porcelain Pale, “Yesterday’s Tomorrow”
POWERS, “Dance”
Precious Kid, ‘Dirty Disposition’
Prism Tats, “Used To Be Cool”
Psychic Temple, ‘Dream Dictionary’
Punch Punch Kick, “Punch Punch Kick” (full album)
Purmamarca, “Rear View”


Quetzal, ‘Let’s Get to Knowing’


Racquet Club, “Blood on the Moon”
Rad Horror, “Sad Boy”
Raener, “No Sun,” “Have You Been Here Before?” (EP)
Ramonda Hammer, ‘Zombie Sweater,’ “Destroyers”
Red Hot Chili Peppers, live at Staples Center
Resin, “Fidget” (full EP)
Rhye, live at the Moroccan Lounge
Robert Francis, “The Magic”
Rodes Rollins, “Wes Come Back”
Rogue & Jay, “Golden Lady”
Ronny Morris, ‘All About Love’
Roses, ‘Julian March’
Rosie Tucker, “Fault Lines”
Rostam, “Bike Dream”
Rotana, “Over You”
Rough Church, ‘5 AM Shadows’
Rows, “New Heart”
Ruby Force, “Damn Your Love”


s//p (Slip), “Head on Backwards”
SAÍGO, “Waiting Game”
Saint Cecilia, ‘We Know Us’
Saint Motel, live at the Glass House
Salt Petal, “Telephone,” “I Want to Dance”
Sam Fischer, “Getting Older”
Sam Outlaw, live at the Troubadour
Sam Valdez, “Don’t Want to Be Yours Anymore,” “Hours”
Sand, “Haggard Hawk”
Sarah Chernoff, “Markings on You”
Saro, ‘Flora,’ “Sky Doesn’t Blue,” “Vapor”
Sean Gadd, ‘Radar Sounds,’ live at the Echo
Second Still, ‘You Two So Alike’
Sego, “Whatever Forever,” ‘Sucker/Saint,’ live at the Troubadour
Send Medicine, ‘She Believes In The Devil’
Sextile, “One of These”
Shannon Hurley, “Number One”
Shannon Lay, ‘JHR,’ ‘Coast’
She Wants Revenge, live at the Hollywood Palladium
Shere Disraeli, ‘Coffee and Weed’
Shiny Toy Guns, live at the Regent Theater
Silverplanes, ‘Falling Asleep’
Silversun Pickups, live at the Greek Theatre, live at the Theatre at Ace Hotel
Sin Fin, “Rebirth”
Sister Mantos, ‘My Love Shines Up In Circles’
Slowkiss, “Forever Together,” “Pink Death,” ‘Empty Eyes’
Small Culture, ‘Run Away (To Me)’ ft. Shannon McElhaney
Small Forward, “The Reservoir”
Smoke Season, “Good Days,” live at the Echoplex
Snowball II, “Groan’s”
So Many Wizards, “Sic Boys”
Sofia Wolfson, “Snake Eyes”
Soft Swells, “Reins,” ‘Lights Run,’ ‘Within Reason’
Sparks, live at the El Rey Theatre
SPELLES, ‘Dead In The Water,’ “Teach Me How to Pray”
Spencer Ludwig, “Got Me Like”
Spiral Stairs, ‘Emoshuns’
Springtime Carnivore, live at the Bootleg Theater
STAL, “Fresh Blood”
Starcrawler, ‘I Love LA’
Steady Holiday, ‘Terror’
Steffaloo, “Happy”
Street Joy, “Party Party Everywhere”
Sudan Archives, “Time,” “Come Meh Way”
Sun Colony, “Sun Colony”
Sunstock Solar Festival
Superet, “Pay It Later,” “Who Is This Guy”
Sure Sure, “Friends,” “Hands Up, Head Down”
Suzanne Santo, “Ghost in My Bed”
SWIMM, “First Time,” “Speak Politely”
Syd, ‘“All About Me” and “Body”


T.S.O.L., “Satellites”
Tangerine, “Fever Dream”
Tara Jane O’Neil, “Blow”
Tashaki Miyaki, “Girls On T.V.”
TeamMate, “Damage”
Teenage Wrist, “Stoned Alone”
Teleskopes, “Crystal Clear”
Tennis System, “Lackluster”
TEST, “7th Street Metro,” ‘Entertainment Tonight’
Thanks, ‘Annabelle’
That Dog, live at the El Rey Theatre
The 131ers, ‘Face On’
The Americans, ‘The Right Stuff’
The Bird and the Bee, live at GIRLSCHOOL LA
The Black Pine, ‘The Light’
The Black Watch, “Way Strange World”
The Bronx, ‘Sore Throat’
The Buttertones, ‘Sadie’s a Sadist,’ “A Tear For Rosie”
The Cabin Fever, “Exercise the Demons”
The Cairo Gang, “What Can You Do?”
The Controversy, ‘Dirt’
The Dead Ships, ‘The Giant,” live at the Roxy
The Donnies The Amys, ‘Racehorse’
The Entire Universe, “Revolving Sun”
The Federal Empire, “What Are We Fighting For?”
The Flusters, “Lake St.”
The Fontaines, “Vacant”
The Fuzzy Crystals, “The King Is Dead,” “Crystal Magic” (album)
The Garden, ‘All Access,’ live at the Echoplex
The Gloomies, “Space”
The Grand Southern, “Sleeptalking”
The Great Sadness, “Tonight”
The Growlers Six (Day 1, Day 2)
The Habits, “Feeling It”
The Knitts, “Retreat” (full album)
The Lemon Twigs, ‘I Wanna Prove To You’
The Luxembourg Signal, ‘Laura Palmer’
The Marías, ‘I Don’t Know You’
The Menstruators, ‘Dead Glitter’
The Molochs, ‘Charlie’s Lips’
The Mynabirds, “Cocoon,” ‘Golden Age’
The Neighbourhood, live at the El Rey Theatre
The Neuroses, “Turn Down My Sound”
The New Division, “No Pride in Paradise”
The Night Game, “The Outfield”
The Palms, “Push Off”
The Put Off, “Sham” (EP)
The Record Company, live at the Fonda Theatre
The Regrettes, live at GIRLSCHOOL LA
The Relationship, “Break Me Open”
The Rigs, “World on Fire”
The Singles, “Sweet Tooth” (full album)
The Soft White Sixties, “Brick by Brick” (“Piedra a Piedra”)
The Tracks, “Hanging On”
The Two Tens, “On Repeat” (album)
The Unending Thread, “Valley Brat” (feat. DJ Bundst)
The Verigolds, “Walk on Water”
The Wild Reeds, “Only Songs,” ‘Only Songs’, live at GIRLSCHOOL LA, live at the Teragram Ballroom
The Willowz, “Now You Know”
Thee Commons, “Selena’s Butt” and “Work It Out,” “Milk and Honey”
Thee Oh Sees, live at the Teragram Ballroom
Thrice, live at the Shrine
Thumpasaurus, ‘Mental Karate’
Thundercat, ‘Tokyo’
Together Pangea, “Money On It,” live at the El Rey Theatre
TOKiMONSTA, ‘Don’t Call Me’ (feat. Yuna), “We Love” (feat. MNDR)
Topanga, “Shadows”
Trapdoor Social, ‘Never Stop Listening’
Tree Machines, “Fade On”
Triptides, “Rewind”
TRISHES, “Animal”
Twin Seas, “Alpha Pup”
Twin Temple, ‘Let’s Hang Together’
Ty Segall, live at the Hi Hat (one-year anniversary) and the Teragram Ballroom


Ugly Sweaters, ‘Sisters’
Umm, “Oh Yes No”
Upsahl, ‘Can You Hear Me Now’


Valley Queen, ‘Stars Align’ (and 99 more on NPR’s SXSW hot list)
Van William, ‘The Country,” live at the Theatre at Ace Hotel
Vast Asteroid, “Spacegaze”
Velvet, “How Do You Know,” “Even If I Tried”
Veronica Bianqui, “Victim,” live at the Teragram Ballroom
Vista Kicks, “Gotta Get Away”
Vistalite, ‘Don’t Listen to Yourself’
Viva Pomona (Day 1, Day 2)
Vowws, “Forget Your Finery”
VS Colour, ‘Let Go’
VUM, “Heaven Underground”


Wait. Think. Fast, “Count No Count,” ‘Endless Serenade’
Wajatta, “Runnin”
Wand, “Plum,” ‘Bee Karma’
War Tapes, “Pale Blue Dot”
Warbly Jets, “The Lowdown,” “4th Coming Bomb,” “Ride,”, live at the Roxy, live at the Moroccan Lounge
Wartime Recitals, “Wide Awake”
Watch for Horses, “San Junipero”
WATERS, “Hiccups,” live at the Roxy
Wavves, ‘Stupid In Love’
Wes Period, “Everything Is Trees”
Western Scene, ‘Going Back’
Whispertown, “I’m a Man,” ‘I’m a Man’ video
White Fence, live at the Getty
Wild Year, ‘Twitching + Teasing’
Wilderado, “Under the Weather”
Wilding, ‘Hot Prowl,’ ‘Leavin’
Winter, “Jaded,” ‘Jaded’ video, live at GIRLSCHOOL LA
Wolf Woodcock, “Terrible”


Xiu Xiu, ‘Get Up’


Young Creatures, “The Last One”
Young Jesus, ‘The Feeling’
Young the Giant, live at Fivepoint Amphitheatre
Youngblood Hawke, “Robbers”
Yume, “A Violet Light & Hum” (EP), “Before I Fade Away”


Zola Jesus, “Exhumed”
Zosia, “Water”